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About PheroTruth

Welcome to the PheroTruth.com Pheromone Forum - The ONLY forum where you can discuss ANY pheromone product or pheromone company!

Dedicated to providing accurate, uncensored and unbiased reviews, advice, information and suggestions on pheromones and pheromone company's, furthering science and research on pheromones, and helping those who want to learn more about pheromones, from real people who are experienced pheromone users.

PheroTruth is not affiliated with any company and we are an uncensored forum. Members can freely post about anything relating to pheromones, without fear of having their posts edited for content, spelling, or censored for discussing or linking to other pheromone websites. Our members are welcome to review, discuss, share information, advice and suggestions, or ask questions about any pheromones, companies or products.

Stop in and look around! We hope you'll enjoy our forum and maybe make some new friends. If you have been a member of other pheromone forums, then you'll probably see some familiar names and re-connect with those you already know and love.

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I'm sure many of you have noticed the number of recent threads popping up asking questions that have been asked and answered many times before, and have probably grown tired or frustrated with seeing them.

If you're nodding your head in agreement I've got some good news for you: We hav...
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