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Statistics of Curiosity
Game title
Highest score was
Date of Highest Score
2 Fast 2 Furious N/A N/A/2 N/A N/A
2 Many Bugs N/A N/A/2 N/A N/A
24 Hours Rally N/A N/A/1 N/A N/A
3 Wheel Slot Machine N/A N/A/2 N/A N/A
30k Starfighter N/A N/A/2 N/A N/A
3D Car Driver N/A N/A/1 N/A N/A
3D Frogger N/A N/A/3 N/A N/A
3D Pool N/A N/A/2 N/A N/A
3D Superball N/A N/A/2 N/A N/A
3D Tunnel N/A N/A/1 N/A N/A
Data of Curiosity
First places: 1
Second places: 0
Third places: 0
Top 10 places: 3
Total scores: 3
Best Player Ranking: 10

Tournament Statistics
Tournaments won: 0
Tournaments joined: 0

Who's in the Gaming Area
Online: 1 | Members: 0 | Invisible: 0 | Bots: 0 | Record: 27 at 12:55 PM on 03-10-2016

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