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Full Version: New forum toys to play with!
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I've been working on a few new toys for you all to play with.  If you go to the user profiles you'll notice that most of the information is now in tabbed menus, a lot like another forum that many of you have frequented.  :P

The second thing you'll notice are the empty windows on the right side for Recent Pictures and View Gallery, which I'm still working on, but should have them completed before the weekend is over.

If you want to see what the pictures and galleries are you can go to my profile and click on any of the pictures, and the link under View Gallery. 

Just a couple more cool additions I thought you all might like!

Ok, so I'm not really much of a programmer myself and I can't figure out how to get an Add/Edit Gallery link to work in the User CP's, so I've given it to my programmer to figure out and it'll probably be Monday before you guys can create Galleries and start adding pictures.

How about some input on the tabbed menu's in your Profiles though?

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