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Full Version: New editor is now installed
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Hey folks, in case you haven't already noticed, the new editor is now installed!  You should not get anymore "Missing Message" errors, or have any other problems with this editor, but if you do please let us know.

There is no more switching between rich text and normal text (blue or gray MS word icon) to paste pictures or text.

The only differences you'll really notice is that when copying and pasting, you'll get a message asking if you want to allow access to the clipboard.  Answer yes and your image or text should paste fine.  Answer no and nothings gonna happen.  The reason for this is that ANYTIME you copy anything, it is stored to your clipboard and waiting for you to decide what to do with it.  The editor is simply asking if you want to allow it to access the info you copied to the clipboard in order to paste it into your post.

You still cannot copy and paste images or html into the Quick Reply box, but it does have does have the old mybb code editor and you can now use Quick Reply to quote other posts.  Just use the mult quote button for posts you want to quote from, then at the bottom of the Quick Reply box ytou'll see this: "
You have selected one or more posts to quote. Quote these post now or deselect them." 

The only thing we've lost is that the Private Message system no longer has the ability to copy and paste images or html into PM's.

But, at least we're not going to be spending a bunch of time anymore typing posts, only to see them vanish into thin air!

I was trying to post a reply to C Moon's intro and got the "Message Missing" error, same happened in this thread. The "Quick Reply" did work though.
Try clearing your cache. I hammered on this editor before incorporating it onto the forum and could not make it lose a message.
I'll try that.
Cool, I said this elsewhere, but this new editor works well. Thanks for making the change Mark.
Anytime Phya. I was getting sick of spending a 1/2 typing up something, only to see the MIssing Message error myself!

One thing I have noticed with this edito is that sometimes when you hit reply or edit the editor wil open with the text formatted as html, instead of in a WYSIYG (what you see is what you get) mode. But, if you open it again, it is usually fine. No clue why, but nothing I can do anything about either.

I just realize the snow flakes follow the direction of the mouse, very nice touch Mark! Now I can't stop playing with it lol.

About the snow...:rolleyes:

We're expecting a noreaster...gusts of wind up to 40 mph...8-14 inches of snow in addition to what's falling here at PheroTruth! It's fine as long as you've got your shovel! So start diggin', Cowboy! :D


Yeah right! Remember, I live in Texas, where if we get any snow at all it's usually gone within an hour or 2. I can remember once in the last 12 years that the snow lasted for a full day, but never beyond that.

But, you're welcome to our 110 degree summer days at 95% humidity!

Hello Mark,

I can't seem to use the forum, as is, recently.

You see, whenever I try and post, once I push preview or post reply I get the "Missing Message" errors, and if I quote something it holds onto the quote no matter if I edit it in the main text box, and that will be the only thing that shows up.

The only way I can seem to post is by setting the Page Style in the View menu in Mozilla to No Style, and then typing everything in on the first little box underneath the main text box. It's really an eye strain, :blush:.

I also can't cut and paste anything with my mouse in the main text box, I receive another error message, I have to use the keyboard shortcuts.


So, that's what I've got going on.. oh, also, when I push the "View All" javascript link for the smilies, nothing seems to happen Sad


I don't know if it's just my computer or Mozilla not being compatable with a change made on the site, but something seems to have changed with the compatibity on one or both ends.


Thanks for reading,


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