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Full Version: New editor!
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Hey folks, We're testing a new editor, that I think will solve all the problems that everyone's been having. Please go to this link: DEMO FORUM and test out the editor by posting, copying images and text, etc. and come back and let us know what you think and whether you had any problems or not in this thread .

There are no modes to switch between, and there shouldn't be any "Missing Message" errors!

But, when pasting in text or images you will need to allow access to the clipboard, because whenever you copy anything it gets stored to the clipboard, and that's how you are able to paste it into other websites or applications.

You don't have to login to post, but if you'd like you can login with your existing username and password.
Just tried it and like it a lot. The clipboard access dialog doesn't appear in the quick reply but can be accessed by hitting preview post and bringing up the advanced reply box there. Outstanding editor IMHO.
I like it.

Looks simpler [Image: 41.gif]
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