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Full Version: LAL Super shipping(>_<)
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Lol,i ordered last friday and received my package today internationally.Im not sure how garry does it but thats super fast shipping,it was even faster than dhl that androtics uses and only cost 1.99 instead of their rip off prices for shipping,lol(>_<)The product was very well packaged and wrapped in foam with no leaks.Even the sample was wrapped in foam(^_^)

Overdose looks cool and i shall definitely get around to testing it.Garry threw in a dirty primitive sample as well.Not sure if i will use it but might be worth a try for kicks(>_<)None+copulins will make for some interesting OD's.

So far LAL is amazing like all the other companies on this forum and ill definitely be a repeat customer.Probably soon(:-p)
I second this opinion on their amazing international shipping service and price. I do feel like trying more stuff from LAL, if only because of this! The downside: its not registered mail. I DON'T CARE!! Big Grin
Definitely crazy fast shipping! My OD arrived here in Sweden just a couple of days after I ordered it, amazing! Included was a sample of Hypnotica Social I had requested, which is pretty cool Ok
Agreed. I live on the east coast of the US and got mine in the mail today, I think I placed my order on the 10th or 11th. this was my first purchase from them but I'm definitely going to be a repeat customer.

On a side note I got wolf and a sample of aqua vitae (wolf scent) and I can't get over how amazing it smells... I know a lot of people have said that it smells good but I didn't expect to be huffing the smell all throughout the day Big Grin . Today was my first day testing but already I got a hit which I will be posting about in the wolf thread. Overall I am very pleased with Garry's products and service and cannot wait to test this stuff out more.
I would also like to give credit where credit is due. LAL has great customer service, great shipping, and most importantly; amazing pheromones! Good
I know you are going to hate me for this, but I have to put a little realism back into this thread... Blum

The service and customer care at LAL is probably first class. I have not had much to do with it myself. I have never sent an eMail and have thus never gotten an answer from them. But I believe you all have had great experiences. In my only order to LAL I asked for droppers for both AV and Wolf and I go a roll-on for AV and the sprayer for Wolf. I just thought "shit happens" and I knew how to help myself. So lets just say, the service is good.

What irritates me is all the praise about the shipping. Now I get why everybody likes fast shipping. But the fact that a packet gets to Europe quickly isn't really something that LAL can influence. They use USPS, which is basicly the local mail service. The rates are very low and I like that. But the only part of the speed that LAL stands for is how fast they commit the package. That happened really quickly in both cases. I had to wait three weeks for my first delivery and my second one is still pending (shipped on July 19th).

Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing LAL or anyone in this thread. I'm just saying, give US mail and your local mail service some credit too. ;)
LAL has always been spot on with me. In fact, they surprise me all the time with their service. My emails and questions are always answered in a timely manner and as much detail as I provide. Garry is a very busy yet personable guy and happy to help in all areas that he can.

I'm a credit where credit is due kinda guy. You treat me well, I will let you know. You treat me poorly, I will reciprocate. I have opinions and I speak my mind on them. Thats just me. Some agree, some do not. I however, do welcome their opinions. That's life. I have always called it like I see it and Im real.

For example here's my most current LAL order: Nude, Hypnotica, Possess all in dropper tops as per request.
Order placed: Sunday July 15 at 8:44 pm Eastern Time
Order shipped: Sunday July 15 at 9:28 pm ET
Order received: Thursday July 19 afternoon

Even amazon doesnt ship that fast..
Order received with dropper tops and 3 samples given: AV, NA, L7 royal

Can I expect this stellar service from many online vendors (even non phero based)? No. (but it sure is niiiiice)
Am I happy with LAL customer service and dedication? Yep.

my .02 on the topic
I ordered from LAL on a friday and it shipped out the same day. I received my order on monday and had some free samples, cant complain.
Ok, I got my order of Overdose yesterday.

This is not about complaining, LAL did everthing right, but the actual shipping isn't something they do themselves. While you all seem to have been lucky with your orders, it can take quite a while longer too.

I got the "thank you for your order" eMail on 2012-07-19 at 17:02 CEST (which was about two minutes after I had placed my order). The shipping confirmation came just short of five hours later (21:58). Note that there is a time shift between myself and LAL. ;)

The padded envelope arrived yesterday with the regular mail, so the order took just unter 3 weeks to get to me. And I got a sample of Dirty Primitive which I very happy about. ;)

LAL was very fast in shipping. But the mail service took its sweet time. As it seems, Garry doesn't sprinkle some magic powder over the envelope after all. Blum

One good thing did happen though: It seems as if customs for some reason missed this order. I didn't have to pay anything. YEAH! Yahoo
They mark the parcel as a gift (I have info only for international shipping, as I am from Europe). Also the actual value stated on the parcel is lower than actual. Because of this, the customs let it pass without the import duty. It differs from country to country and their laws, but I think that for most of the countries, if the parcel value is below 10 USD/EUR (somewhere 25 USD/EUR etc.) there is no customs duty on it. Marking it as a gift helps to (no commercial value).

I love the cheap International USPS option of 2 USD and the "effort" of sending the parcels as a gift and declaring low value. I have ordered quite a couple of products now from LAL and did not had to pay any duties so far because of this. It makes me want to order more. Dirol
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