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Full Version: OVERDOSE Pheromone Gel... uh, oh, what the heck is this?
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So I was just perusing the LAL website, debating whether to order my 2nd full size bottle of AV, this time in Wolf scent or unscented (if any of you have opinions on this, don't be shy). I happened to click on the new items link, which hardly ever changes by the way, when I came upon this:


And I thought to myself, "uh, oh... what new sorcery is this?"

Looks like Walter White & Co. have been staying up at nights.

So, who's gonna be the 1st guinea pig?
BTW, I just sent a long e-mail/questionaire to Walter White, so when he chimes in, I'll let you know.

"It is not for p-----s it is for getting p---y."

No joke, that's what the ad reads.
Why am I so weak? Ordered.
Look at it this way, Eeyore, maybe you're not weak... maybe your kung fu is strong! At least you'll know first how potent this product really is, since LAL seemed to go out of their way to tout its power. Obviously you read the product page at LAL, so I can't blame you for accepting their Pepsi challenge. I've never read so much world class smack talk from LAL (they must've been wearing OVERDOSE while composing the ad), so they must feel real good about their latest concoction. Myself, I'm gonna wait till Garry Nelson replies to my e-mails. I also asked him, since it's an unscented gel, what have been the experiences using it either with or without a cover scent.

Hopefully he'll answer both of my e-mails in tandem so I can repost the gist of his replies.
This sounds so exciting, I'm trying to resist ordering some until I know a bit more about it. I've always thought gels diffuse incredibly well, or at least that's been my experience witht the Love Scents gel packs.
Jeezzz ..

everytime i think that i have everything worth to buy comes another thing around that needs to be added to my arsenal ;)

(05-20-2012 5:33 PM)Dafixisin Wrote: [ -> ]BTW, I just sent a long e-mail/questionaire to Walter White, so when he chimes in, I'll let you know.

"It is not for p-----s it is for getting p---y."

No joke, that's what the ad reads.

Well, Mr. White just replied to my inquiry, so here are the highlights:

"The concentration of pheromones will still be considered by the drop or drop size now that it is a gel. Testers have been using the equivalent of one to five drops. As the wearer you are going to need a few days to get used to it though. It makes people a little loopy at the start."

"Application points are the same. Wrists, forearms, Upper chest, sides of neck, lower stomach, and pubic hair. The last part is only if you like blow jobs, otherwise don't worry about it.
" That line got a decent chuckle outta me. Walter White is a little on the sarcastic side.

"I would wear it at work, just make sure you have a place that you won't get caught when you are screwing." What?!? LOL

"Yes, there is a good deal of social pheromones, so that you can get into her pants before she knows it."

"I don't feel that Overdose needs a cover scent, but some others say that yes, it needs a cover."

Okey dokey, sounds like this guy is gonna have to pony up the cash for some OD.
The bottle seems like a devil's potion or something. Mr. Garry Nelson is always surprising us!
Got back from Boston and find this new surprise from Garry... damn I am a weakling with no self control. Ordered...

@ Dafixisin: I made some magic happen in Boston using Wolf. I've both scented and unscented, now I believe the scented may have an edge over the unscented one. I believe As33156 is one of the few that recognizes the sexual/attraction properties this rather simple/cheap juice.

My bottle came today. Unfortunately I can't test it tonight. Due to the holiday and humid weather we're expecting a busy and violent weekend so I have to stay all business. All I can give you now are a few quotes from the pamphlet that came with the bottle. btw. the bottle itself is pretty cool, it looks like a small lava lamp.

"Things are going to happen that you may not be able to control".

"What do you do when your products are already at the top? You compete with your own products!

" everything about its creation was engineered to beat our top products of the past".

"Gel pheromones last 18 to 24 hours or more on skin, and MANY WEEKS on unwashed clothing".

I'm off to work now.
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