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Full Version: My First Pheromone Experiment
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I just received my first order from True Pheromones. I'm teetering on the fine line of hoping this works and not getting my hopes up too much.

Here is my situation:

I started dating my hs crush about 2 years ago. It was on the heals of my un-finalized divorce and so our relationship was not very public or "official"... except between the two of us and our closest friends and family.

A year and a half into our relationship, my divorce was still dragging on (I have a small child and custody agreements were not being made) and the man who I fell so in love with and saw a real forever with grew weary of waiting. We gave our relationship to fate and remained friends. Very good close friends.... best friends even.

Well, he began casually dating another girl. He said it was just to bide his time while I sorted out the things I needed to, to be free of my marriage. But in the last few months things have taken a turn for I DON"T KNOW WHAT, with him and this new girl. All of his family and friends have expressed their concern about this relationship and she has since found out about our relationship and has become very threatened by me. The new girl has made it very clear that she will play dirty to get me out of the picture - even in friendship - and has lied to him about me.

To avoid the drama of it all, he has reduced his communication with me to almost nothing - unless we are alone or with the friends or family who have asked me to try to get through to him - then hes sweet, fun and even affectionate - just not very open... So I am calling upon the aid of True Pheromones "TS" and "TL" to get him to open up!

We do have a very intense connection naturally. In fact, almost every time we are around each other something inevitably goes down in a good way! But things haven't been this (for lack of better words) bad before. I chose TrueSexiness because it seems something of a standard for us ladies. A good boost for self and I figure I'm gunna need all the confidence I can muster up! I contemplated between TrueCommunication and TrueLove and ultimately chose TrueLove because it seemed to incorporate what TrueCommunication does with some extra comfort.

I sprayed one spray of each on myself (TS on my left shoulder and TL on my right).

TrueSexiness does have a bit of a "cheap" vanilla candle smell at first. But after about a minute it warms up to your body and becomes pleasant. It didn't really make me feel immediately UBER sexy... so i will admit its not magical Sexy Juice that turns you into a sex kitten. HOWEVER, after wearing it for just one hour, I do notice that despite having started my period this morning (when I normally feel like a social outcast) I do kinda have the urge to get out of the house! An effect? Quite possibly.

TrueLove had a very surprising odor. Like I said I am completely inexperienced with pheromones and copulins and things of this nature... I read somewhere that copulins have an aroma and that they are prevalent in TL. Well, to me, it smells of marajuana... marajuana that is dressed up in a big fancy Vanilla dress and woodsy shoes. Like TS, after a minute or so it lightens to a nice warm scent. Here's the funny thing about it. I am struggleing with feeling like I need more of it on. hahah. Not sure what that's about exactly... I "love" it? 'maybe! Does that mean its working!? Well regardless, Im thankful that they threw in a free travel size for me.

So, the next two weeks will be my experimentation time. I will try different # of sprays for each and see what kind of results I get from people. And on Memorial Day weekend is when I will see my guy. My objective is mostly just to get him to open up. I think I can do this by using TS to come in like a mutual friend and remind him of our connection. And then have my buddy TL, make good use of that connection and relax him and comfort him into a place where he might let his walls down with me. Does that sound realistic?

In the meantime.... if anyone who has experience with all this has any advice or suggestions or trial and error to share, I"M ALL EARS!
First, let me say welcome to PheroTruth!

Being a guy I really can't comment on proper dosage or self effect of womens products, but I can offer my opinion on the situation you are in.

And, even then I can't speak for anyone other than myself, but personally if I were in love with someone and already involved in a relationship with her, regradless of the situation she was in, I would not break things off with her and start dating somebody else to "bide my time while she sorted things out".

Or let me rephrase that: I would never break things off with her if I ever had any intent of ever trying to put the relationship back together.

And, I think the new girl has every reason to feel threatened by you. If he is telling you the truth, then he's probably been lying to her. And, if he's being honest with her, then he's lying to you about a potential future together.

I cannot for a minute believe that he is being honest with both of you though. If I were with someone that told me they were only biding their time with me until the person they wanted to be with were completely free, I would run like hell! I just can't see that anybody in a relationship would accept hearing something like that from their partner.

And, if I were to tell a girl that and she didn't run like hell, then I would!

I know this may not be what you want to hear, but I'm not one to sugarcoat things and give people false hope.

While pheromones may help him open up a little, I think more of a long talk is in order, starting with you asking him to honestly let you know where things stand between the two of you, and if he truly wants a future with you. If he refuses to address your concern and to open up at that point, then it may be time to accept that things are the way they are, and are not going to change.

Sorry to be less than supportive and optimistic, but I'm just trying to be realistic.

Best of luck though!
Welcome to the forum.
Sorry, but i have to agree with Mark. Why would he go on to another woman? Did he give you up? Ok, he had to wait for you. But the one who's waiting for something good, just dont move on and mess with someone else while waiting, unless he is about to give you up. Well, thats my point of view from the little i know of your story.

It is reasonable to understand you want to get him back. You are now ready for a more serious relationship with him? Maybe TS and TL is the right one to use if you want him to open his eyes towards you. When it comes to make him open up and talk with you, i would guess True Communications would be better. Anyway, my experience with female pheromones are very limited, so i might be very wrong.

I hope things will work out for you. It will be interesting to see how this will go. Good luck.
I agree with all that has been said so far. You asked for advice or suggestions. I am very blunt. Please do not read further than this if you are not ready for some brutal honesty. I'm trying to help here, I promise. Here goes...

(05-07-2012 3:31 PM)OliOSunshine Wrote: [ -> ]And on Memorial Day weekend is when I will see my guy.

He is not yours anymore sweetheart. You said it yourself he dropped communication with you in favor of her. He made his choice.

If you do not have a significant other yet, DO NOT meet with him. It will hurt you and you will come off as desperate no matter how hard you try not to. If you are not seeing anyone do not bring a knife to a gunfight. You will get hurt when its all said and done.

Let him go for now. The only way to find out how he truly feels about you is to walk away from him. If he wants you he will come after you. If he doesn't, you save time that you could be getting to know someone else. He has put you on the hook and you will stay there as long as you decide to. Staying hung up on someone who has moved on, even if he says its temporary (hook), is a helpless spot to be in. You have given him all your power and he is basking in it. Take some back.

The fog of staying hung up on someone makes it hard to focus on your own life and reduces personal drive. The enormous weight of this damages your social life and the ability to attract future partners. It is hard to receive something else when your hands are already full.

Heres a few tips:
1. stop thinking about him and reminiscing about old times. You have to let the old relationship die before you can start a new one with him anyway if its still even possible.
2. stop believing he is "one of a kind" there are many many other people out there who will indeed wait for you because YOU ARE WORTH THE WAIT.
3. stop being his friend. Lowered status hurts the heart.

My personal recommendation is use the sexiness you say you possess and drop some female swagger on an attractive male in your area. Don't talk at all about Mr. X. Go and enjoy your life again with the memory of the past. If you keep looking in the rearview mirror you will soon crash into something ahead of you. I've run into a few telephone poles in my day looking behind me. LOL
Truly move on and watch him either come to his senses and chase you again, or he doesn't and you didn't waste your time being second place. Either way its win/win for you.
Now go use your new pheromone stash and drop the hammer on some lucky guy out there and have some fun! You deserve the best.

Apologies if this was a bit direct but that's how I roll.
Solid post Thundr. I tried to rep you, but I guess that I must spread the love.
Hey and Whoa! LOL

I'm not sure where you guys got the impression that I am trying to get him back???

I repeat, we mutually decided to leave things to fate. By that I mean, we both decided that we could go separate ways romantically. As the old adage says "if its meant to be, it will be." So he started dating and because I think he does still have feelings for me, he said the biding his time thing to make himself feel better about it or to give himself some kind of weird permission. I don't know. He didn't even say that to ME.. he said it to his cousin/my friend. HAHAH if he had said that to me, I would have told him that its a bunch of bullshiz. So we are just friends.

Without success, his family and friends have tried to talk to him and he just pushes them away. They asked me to try talking to him. I'm hoping I can get him to open up because I'm pretty much the only one he's ever been real open with EVER. He even has said the same thing to his family, who are genuinely concerned about the direction his life is going in. The hang up is that the new girlfriend is filling his ears with a bunch of crap that isn't true because of her insecurity and its hurting our COMMUNICATION. The relationship is not what I'm going after. I'm going after my friend and his well being.

WITHOUT the pheromones, he will eventually start to relax but it takes about 3-4 days of lots of one on one... I won't have that kind of time... Its gunna be a busy weekend and so i'm hoping it helps jumpstart the connection and openness.

DOes this help? hahah But dudes! thanks for havin a girls back in such an intense way! Smile))))
Oh and PS The MY guy was one of those times where I couldnt' decide what I was typing "MY friend" or "the GUY" I copy and pasted a bunch of stuff and rearranged (i'm a bit of a spaz.. so I type out too much and then edit it out....) I just didn't catch that one. I know he's not MY GUY.... clearly. but he is MY FRIEND and THE GUY lol
We have everyone's back here. I have no filter and serve it like I see it. I try to give it to everyone here straight no chaser. No icing, no sprinkles on top. haha

(05-07-2012 9:25 PM)OliOSunshine Wrote: [ -> ]I'm not sure where you guys got the impression that I am trying to get him back???
I repeat, we mutually decided to leave things to fate.

Ummm ok. I don't buy that at all lovely lady. Please don't make me do a cannonball in the shallow end of the pool here. LOL jk
Well I can't tell you what to believe or not to believe. I've been honest and whether you believe me or not isn't in my power. *shrug*

I'm not done with my divorce and I'm not even wanting any kind of relationship until this is done. Its proven to be too complicated during a divorce. But his family happens to be my friends so we are in each others lives. As far as what happens tomorrow or the day after that or the day after that..... i don't know. And I'm not pretending to! If we have another chance in the future, I don't know about it. If we don't, I don't know about that. I don't know. But if I saw a girlfriend of mine headed down a dangerous road and her family asked for my help, and she had a boyfriend burning all her bridges around her.... I'd get on a pheromone vine and swing across whatever gorge I needed to in order to help her out and get in her head.

That's all I'm doing here...
(05-07-2012 10:03 PM)OliOSunshine Wrote: [ -> ]Well I can't tell you what to believe or not to believe. I've been honest and whether you believe me or not isn't in my power. *shrug*

I have no doubts in my mind that you have been honest and 100% from the heart.

However from that lay the problem. You are operating off heart and I respect the fight in you to salvage what you wish. The reason I responded at all is that I'm just trying to tell you that pheromones are just a suction cup on a tentacle attached to a larger beast. There is more at work than just spritzing some spray to topple an issue that is substantially larger than the mones themselves.

I just didnt want you to get your hopes up to open him up but end up getting closed up. I have more to say but I think I should just shut up. LOL

Best of luck and we will provide you with as much pheromone knowledge you can soak up.
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