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Full Version: Aqua Vitae?
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Hey there peeps I'm new here lol, and so I've been searching around the forum somewhat... And I found an interesting mone called aqua Vitae

My problem is I'm very new to the terminology of the community too, so I don't get what erm terms like "an alpha" or "androsterone" is so I was wondering if someone could iron out what aqua did in dumb dumb terms for me lol

Also I hope to post more often soon so don't take this as a I wanna use this forum and leave type deal, I'm just swamped with college lately and can barely get on.

Anyway much appreciated and if there have already been threads of this I apologize in advance and would appreciate a link as I can't seem to find it :/
Now I feel like a fool lol but anyway thx man much appreciated
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