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Full Version: Please help me decide what to buy
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Hi! Nice forum you have here.

About 4 years ago I got some bottles from Androtics Direct, and I remember getting some hits (for example I was using Ammunition and dancing with girls they suddenly stuck their nose into my neck and tock a deep whiff, or complemented my smell). I stopped using mones when I ran out and now I'm going to try again.

What I want is one or two different bottles that have a reputation on this forum among experienced members to cause major attraction, or sexlust in women around the ages of 18-25, and I am 23. For what it's worth I am white and want this to work in a club or party environment, in norhtern climate so there won't be great heat or humidity in the air like on the equator. (I also understand that these are just perfumes at the end of the day, they won't do the work for me but will help some.)

So, from reading the forum there seems to be a few that fit the description: Aqua Vitae, Alfa Maschio, Certo, Posess, A314 ... and maybe others. I personally have good experiences from Ammunition, but Androtics products don't seem to have a good rep here apart from A314.

Is there any major difference among these or do they contain mostly the same stuff? Is there any one or two that definitely would work better for me?

I also have an unrelated question: What is the difference between Shine from Androtics and Glace from Alpha Dream? They seem very similar.

Hi there VMAN,

You've already named a few decent products, my recommendations:

Alfa Maschio
Nude Alpha (Liquid Alchemy Labs)
Evolve (from SteveO) is getting some pretty hot reviews, not tried it out yet myself

There are some heavy hitters like:
True Instinct
Alpha 7
New Pheromone Additive

But whether these are successful or not, really depends on how much none you can wear before OD given that you're quite young, for the second list you might want to soften the effects with some social products.

A new combo that I'm loving at the moment is Corpo with fast burn Glace. Probably not so much for clubbing as the bar scene. Also, Wingman Black label is also getting great reports, have yet to fully test that myself.
(04-28-2012 5:00 AM)VMAN Wrote: [ -> ]Hi! Nice forum you have here.

Is there any major difference among these or do they contain mostly the same stuff? Is there any one or two that definitely would work better for me?

Well, if you live in the northern climate then an alcohol based one would probably work better unless your partying your ass off (gotta get thoses mones to diffuse you know). Keep in mind Alfa Maschio is still silicone based only so unless you are in a place thats around 70-75 degrees or warmer, it wont diffuse well around people, but its a hitter when it does. SteveO's evolve mix, Liquid Alchemy's NA, WMB etc., are all really good so you cant really go wrong. Also heard great things from New Pheromone Additive and IMPI so check those out as well, from reports though it seems IMPI needs to be used in warm weather for great effects. There's a grip of products out there now that get the job done, you'll just have to experiment to find what you like the best, as always YMMV.

I also have an unrelated question: What is the difference between Shine from Androtics and Glace from Alpha Dream? They seem very similar.

I have ISx2 and Glace and to me, IS will give you this happy go lucky carefree attitude for 2-4 hrs before I all of a sudden crash. It's real good stuff if your going to a short meeting or lunch with friends, but dont think of it as something with staying power. Glace on the other hand will act as the turn on valve to people's verbal fountain, they just seem to never shut up sometimes lol. Glace will give you a little confidence and carefree attitude boost, but not as much as IS though. Be sure to get one of the fast burn vesions of glace since you live in a cold climate as the reg version is silicone based just like Alfa Maschio.
One difference between Shine and Glace is that I have never felt badly the day after I wore Glace.
Like Rattlesnake mentions, you have named a few decent products. Unfortunately I haven't tested many of them yet. I'm still new to the pheromone world and testing frequently. I can only give you some things that has worked for me so far.

Wingman Black has been my favorite and I've only had it 2 days. I reviewed it in my journal. Just be careful that what you read. It does not indicate what you will get. Everyone is diff and take reviews as a basic roadmap but generate your own experience. HAX is a great company and they won't let you down.

True Alpha comes in second tied with Glace. Neither of those produce any sex vibe though. You have to bring that to the table yourself when wearing these. I like the self effects of TA and the social aspects of Glace are great. True Pheromones are nicely priced. Alpha Dream is a solid company and has a very intelligent driver at its helm.

I personally don't do well with the none molecule and I've realized I have to clean off my own signature before I apply anything that contains it. So my advice is limited concerning those products. I had some fun with True Instinct and alot of IOIs but I think alot of that testing there was hit or miss. I don't like inconsistency so I shelved it for later when I learn more about how to steer.

My advice is rock a well rounded signature like WMB and/or a heavy social mix like X22 or Glace. Just my opinion so far.

Welcome. You have totally lucked out by finding this particular phero site. Plenty of unfiltered truth here.

For me, Aqua Vitae is one of the best ways to experience the true power of mones. The effects will be readily observable. You should be able to see visible sounds of impact (deer in the headlights, 1000 yard stare [not the pre-attack kind!]) and hear signs as well (stuttering speech, losing track of thought, etc.). It is, in my opinion, one of the best places to start anywhere as far as the effects you're trying to elicit.

Also, Chris's new fastburn versions of Glace sound like the perfect product to marry to a strong alpha mone like AV, etc. Too much alpha can render some girls aroused but unable to initiate, much less hold a conversation with you. Definitely don't want that. The role of a strong social is totally underrated.

Quick AV tips: speaking from experience, less is more. I am a 39 yr old Asian dude, so my mone production is lower to begin with. Being in my late thirties doesn't help either. However, despite this, anything over 3 drops of AV has resulted in the intimidation effect, regardless of the presence of a good social mone. Also, if you decide to go with AV, specify getting it in the glass bulb dropper, or else you will end up with a roller dispenser, which is totally inconsistent. And last but certainly not least, I would also specify ordering it in the Wolf scent, as opposed to the aqua di gio scent. You'll garner compliments on the Wolf scent alone.
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