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Full Version: Laid Brand shampoo and paste
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I asked for laid samples a while ago and got them within a week so thanks Smile. I know it's been awhile and I didnt have time before to write a review. I've only used it once so maybe my findings aren't that "solid". I used the shampoo and lathered and rinsed it out and later put the paste in my hair along with a few other everyday hair care products I use. I went to an event at my school. Nothing out the ordinary. People I knew well were the same as always. Some people I don't talk to often or never talked seemed to not notice me. I was in a very spaced out, maybe a little down kind of mood. I had no reason to be and I cant say that it was definitely the hair products so I'm not sure. People around me didnt seem to get down though. So that was my experience of the laid products for the first day. Maybe I'll be able to try it again another day since I still have enough left.
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