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Full Version: Perfumer's alcohol in Australia
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I wanted to get some of this to make my own sprays with and I found some information here:

Sounds like a complicated process and looks like this is not easy to get without a licence here.
In the U.S. we're allowed to purchase up to 1 gallon ( of perfumer's alcohol) per year without a permit. Which is more than you will likely use in a 10 year period. Since 2009 I'm only on my 2nd 16 oz.(3/4 full still) bottle & I have a cabinet full of sprays that I've made.
I decided to take someone's advice and bought a bottle of Polmos' Spirytus Rektyfikowany (basically "rectified spirit" from Poland). It is just under $60 for 500mL of 95% alcohol from Dan Murphy's, which is a major liquor chain we have here in Australia (got no idea about the rest of the world, sorry). You can see it here:

I'll try making up some mixes and let you guys know how well it works!
May I suggest further filtering through one of those water pitcher filters before you use it for your perfume? That may help remove any boozy smell. Although it should be pretty pure @ that price for a little over two cups!
Ooh... what are "water pitcher filters"? I am open to any information or suggestions! I'll look that up!
Mara from Love Potion sent me the following information in response to my query about perfumer's alcohol, this might be helpful to anyone looking to make their own sprays:

You are correct with your percentages. 1/3 perfume oil to 2/3 perfumer's alcohol makes a perfume strength spray, which is what we sell. You can go much lower, per your own personal taste. A commercial splash or aftershave strength product is only 1-3% perfume oil, while a cologne spray is 10-15% perfume oil. 1 Trial Vial of our perfume will also adequately scent 4oz of unscented body lotion or cream. For OUR products, I have found that the 1/3 to 2/3 ratio is what makes the experience identical in both spray and oil forms. When you dilute it further, that's when different elements rise and fall...but at our percentage, the experience is at a par. Understand?

We sell little empty trial sprayers in our web store, so if you want to, you can get those from us. They are around 5mls in size. You could use around 2/3 to 3/4 of a Trial Vial and the rest perfumer's alcohol. If you have no access to perfumer's alcohol, you can use clear vodka and purified water at home but it will not permanently mix. You'll have to shake it each time, but really, so what. It will still give you a good example of what a proper spray will be like.
(04-25-2012 6:27 PM)Synergist Wrote: [ -> ]Ooh... what are "water pitcher filters"? I am open to any information or suggestions! I'll look that up!

It's just a charcoal filter:
ETA, I would *not* add water to your mix. In my experience working with vodka, it makes the spray extra cloudy.
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