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Full Version: Update on my 3rd day on on Alfa Maschio
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Day 1:
- 1 spray
- Self effects: Felt like on top of the world, confident, and smiling for some reason
- Effects on others: More double head-turns on train on the way to work
- More stares from others
- People at work were more open and chatty when i initiated conversation especially with one hot girl who works in a different team, had no umbrella when walking to work. I saw her and just went up to her and she saw me and came up straight away, smiling. We talked and she kept staring and smiling like flirty all type

Day 2:
- 2 sprays
- Self effects: I didn't get the same effect like day one. Not much much difference to how i feel at all. People at work seemed to be normal as usual but honestly i didn't really take much notice around me as i was so busy that day plus during the week i have only been getting four to five hour sleeps, so i have been feeling quite tired.

Day 3: (Today)
- 1 spray then a second spray an hour later
Since i have been out of the dating game by choice, today i had a date with a gorgeous girl so i sprayed AM about half hour before i left home and another one about 15 mins before i got to her place.
- Self effects: Not sure, as i wasn't taking much notice of it while i was driving to her house. However throughout the date it seemed like i couldn't stop talking? lol But of course i let her talk a lot too.
- Effects on Ms Date girl: Definitely a lot of flirting, smiling, very giggly, touching.

As this girl has a lot of morals and doesn't just put out with anyone, which i respect, at the end of the date it's like she couldn't contain herself and asked me if i kiss on the first date. I said, "well it depends on how it goes, how i feel and if i like the person but not all the time". I asked, "Do you?".
She said, "To be honest, I don't kiss on the first date, but I was wondering if I can with you..??" while leaning more in. (This was in my car, parked at the front of her house). I said, "Of course", smiling and all.

We just went for it and it got quite steamy like she wanted to rip my clothes off and started to feel me up, then apologized, giggling saying that she normally doesn't do this but couldn't help it because she is really attracted to me.

I laughed it off and said it was fine. I can tell this girl was not lying and was genuine about it all and came across a little shy. Being the gentlemen i can be, we kissed good night as she has to get up early tomorrow to catch up with her sister.

She SMS'd me later on asking "Were you attracted to me as much as i am with you? Did you mind me kissing you on the first date because i swear it's not like me to do that but i really wanted with you as i am so attracted to you and found you genuine as well".

So to sum it up, did AM work? In my opinion, I believe it contributed to the night by making Ms Date girl go beyond her boundaries and making me feel more relaxed /chilled. It felt like it amplified the emotions on the date between us both. So, quite happy at the moment Smile
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