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Full Version: The Easter bunny came with a bottly of Essence of Woman and had me in traction
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Ok, maybe not in traction but just as bad.

Anyone reading my posts knows that I'm a newbie who has been looking for something to make my current FWB a bit more attentive. I feel he has gotten to the point where he just assumes that we are going to do-the-do and that he doesn't have to work for it anymore. He has also been refusing to take this to the next level, saying that because he is currently looking for work and living with family, he has no rights to keep me from dating other men as he cant be the big provider. Mind you I make more then he does when hes working and have told him that I'm not looking for a sugar daddy. I was really to the point where I didn't think our "friendship" was going to last, life support was failing.

Until Essence of Woman landed on my doorstep!!!

I'm going to describe my weekend and I need you guys to help me pick out a hit from a non-hit.

I added 2 droppers full of Essence of Woman to my SpellboundRX The Nasty in Sensuality. I put my index finger on the top of the bottle and turned it over and what was on my finger I smeared on the inside of both wrists, and repeated for the back of my neck, inside of my thighs, and back of my knees as I was wearing a dress. I let it dry - stuff smells like Limburger cheese to me - then covered with the "doctored" The Nasty and was out the door to the party.

First thing upon arrival, FWB is following me around. Now, on a normal visit upon entering he would say hi to me, I would go around saying my hi's and hello's to people I know at the party, I would then drop my bag and purse off in his room upstairs which would be the first time in the night that he and I would talk further then the hello when he answered the door. This time however he walked about 2 steps behind me and followed me from person to person as I gave out greeting hugs to family and friends. When I got up stairs to his room, he said that I didn't give him a proper greeting and kissed me like his life depended on it. Kiss3 He spent the rest of the evening pawing at me, something neither of us do as he is so shy in front of his family and friends. This night he kissed me in front of a crowd, grabbed my ass, stood behind me while rubbing a certain body part of his on my certain body part and biting my neck; I though he was going to wrestle me to the floor right in the kitchen. We played Spades and he was not on my team, he was my opponent. He was sitting next to me and under the table he would rub, squeeze, message, and claw my thigh. Everyone was looking at us like were were teenagers in school again.
Instead of the party going on till 4-5 am, which has happened on more then one occasion, at midnight he announced that we were going to bed and left his company to amuse themselves. I couldn't believe it! His family is really close and in the past I would get in his bed and he would remind me of his company downstairs and how he needed to get back to them, leaving me to sleep alone till everyone made their way home.
I'm not going to go into what happened behind closed doors. Just assume that today, 2 days after the fact, I still have pain upon sitting down, and he confessed to never before felt friction burn on a certain part of his only-male anatomy.Mosking It happened for 2 hours staight - and this man just turned 30 years old!!! He them woke me up 2 hours later and again 3 hours after that.
What do you guys think? The mones or the man? I am taking this weekend off from testing the mones. I hear that a guy can get use to them and I sure dont want that to happen. I also want to see if he will behave the same way without the scent. I will try it out again weekend after next. Wish me luck.
Must have been you or the Essence of Woman as the Nasty I don't think is working for anyone at this point. Smells good, not much for having any ummmphh in it.
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