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Full Version: Androtics' Neroli
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Anyone know of a good way to get a very similar scent for cheap? I love that stuff, but anymore I find myself making orders from androtics with nothing but that. Makes me wonder where else I could get it.
You can try
1oz for $4.44

i use to get my designer Dupes from them.
Nah, a regular neroli fragrance oil won't come close.

The Androtics "Neroli" scent has something spicy and herbaceous.
could the herby smell come from the mixture of mones and neroli?Confused
(03-12-2012 4:24 PM)xxx Wrote: [ -> ]could the herby smell come from the mixture of mones and neroli?Confused

No I've ordered the scented PA on its own from them multiple times, and I have to agree with dbot, although my nose isn't so good for detecting fragrance notes. Definitely more than one thing in there though, the scent changes slightly with time.
Could be rosemary, maybe. It's a classic eau de cologne note.
I brought Neroli scented oil from a health shop just last week. (as I too wanted to replicate the smell for my single molecule test mixes) and can say with 100% certainty the smell is not even close to Turn Up The Heat. I hope we can work this one out as my girlfriend loves the smell and if all my test mixes are the same scent I can also rule out any different reactions to the mones from her as scent based.
On a side note, sorry to be off topic, I really love the MX297 Akuro scent.
They say it's Akuro but the scent is really different than their other Akuro-based products.
The Fragrance Shop does fragrance replication -

It's pricey, though. Wouldn't really save any money unless you went through a really lot of the stuff.
I suspect that their neroli is synthetic, to save on cost.
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