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Full Version: Going to Spain/Czech Republic in May
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Good day,

The company I work for , Devon Energy, Is sending me on a geological field trip to Spain. I will be in Barcelona on April 29 and May 4th. After which time I shall take a bus to Ostrava, Czech Republic, pick up my brothers car and then I'm off to visit family. I was born in what used to be called Czechoslovakia, my fam took me to Canada when I was 4 years old,eh!

Fortunately they love beer here too. Nevertheless I will be available to meet any of you that may be in roughly that area of Europe April29,May4-12.

I live close to the Czech border and if you're interested in a meeting with IDK and me then we're in !

Ostrava is a nice City to Party i was told ... Big Grin

2 countries with absolutely hot girls.
Ok. It's confirmed. I'll be taking a week off after my field trip in Spain, to visit family and conduct some personal business in the Czech Republic. The 2nd week of May.

I plan on getting the use of a vehicle and will be spending time in different cities. I know some people in the area are interested in hooking up so if anyone wants explore, I speak fluent Czech, lets make a plan.

(03-14-2012 9:20 AM)Fly So Hi Wrote: [ -> ]2 countries with absolutely hot girls.

Hopefully....World Cup time, I plan on visiting Brasil so get ready...
(04-01-2012 10:22 PM)Fishdude Wrote: [ -> ]Hopefully....World Cup time, I plan on visiting Brasil so get ready...

You're most welcome! Looking forward to your visit.
Well I'm back in Calgary after my two weeks adventure in Europe. After a field trip in Spain and looking at rocks I am better educated.

Best part is I know how to model the flow of oil within a reservoir .

Yes the mones.. During my trip I have been using A314 3 drops and 3 sprays 297. Was great. All you need for a field trip. I had the 297 in a glass sprayer which the cleaning lady dropped and left me the glass fragments .

That's 3 days in so after that for mt whole holiday I just used impi red.

This is a great product. It's like A314 but more female attraction . And the respect well everything you want. My cab driver did great as well as the women from Uganda sitting next to me in my flight. She was very attracted and respectful . She's a lawyer from Uganda so I have to travel there.

Impi red is a great product. Hands down.

I did meet Pago in Pilsen and we had a great time.

Some great food there. I can't stop thinking of their potatoes wtf? They are so good!
Impi rocks ... that's clear !!

had to laugh when you mentioned that you're thinking about their potatoes ... they were outstanding !!!

will go to that restaurace and eat some in memorial of the cool evening !

to bad that i had not enought time for a second meeting due to work routine ....

Do they have some Kozel in Calgary ?

When in Prague try the spinach gnookie. I can't get enough of that stuff. They also have a super cool Jewish quarter. Also if you go into the mall called the palladium they have this place called nordsea they sell the best squid around.

Have a blast!
barcelona was amazing when i went last year
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