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Full Version: Glace, FastBurn revision
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Im just eager to try the fast burn. Ive been happy with the regular and dont plan on getting an exchange.

Chris can you explain why adding water makes it milky and wont work right?

Whatever you do: do not add anything containing water or a glycol (PG, DPG, etc), to the mix. It will turn to milk and will never work right again.

Ive been adding a couple of drops of Androstadienone to glace in a togo. Sometimes its milky when i shake it. Then i noticed that one companies ingredients for Androstadienone are alcohol Androstadienone and water.
(03-08-2012 4:05 PM)idontknow Wrote: [ -> ]Yep. Keep the Glace. One of my favorites. The regular silkbase-version is the best social i have tried. Also it's great as a long-lasting buffer.

Improving your mixes is more of a long-term thing. You'll probably lose money short-term, but once the mixes are just right, you'll have a gradual increase in sales. Nevertheless apparently Glace won't work for everybody, like it does for me.

You may just postpone the Glace-testing and probably tinker with it again with some molecules from the blind-testing. I'm sure there's some awesome molecules to improve the current formulas!

This sounds like a really good idea to me !

Wait until we'll have some new data and then you can work on the products ...

I shipped a bottle of the original Glace (plus $15) back to Sacramento today. Thank you very much, Chris, for allowing us to do this. I did keep 1 bottle of the original for when summer actually hits. Also, damn you Eyeofra, i ordered some Aquagen at the same time. I must stop reading posts. Sarcastic blum
I'm driving right now, give me a chance to get back home and respond to all this. xxx, not that your taking advantage necessarily, just that your post probably scares the shit out of people. For 99.8%, they don't get that kind of reaction.

Changing it in the first place was my bad - I should not have done that. I'm human, I make mistakes sometimes, but thought it would improve the product.
I can agree with you if you have found negative effects that you stop using a product. I definitely am not a chemist or a psychologist either, yet there are many factors to take into consideration such as climate, or environment in general, a persons frame of mind at the time of wearing the product, interactions with people, etc. Everyone can make their own choices on which products that they like or choose to wear/use. I have attempted wearing a few products so far. Now i have not experienced any negative self-effects, perse, yet with some products i have not noticed any type of hits, etc. I personally have chosen to put said products on the 'backburner' for the time being. I may attempt wearing them again when i am a more experienced 'mone' user. Through my reading of posts i hear some amazing hits with certain products, and i myself choose to be patient and to find my own personal combos that are effective for me.

No disrespect to anyone that reads this.

P.S. Regarding 'Fast-burn' Glace: I personally commend Chris for going out of his way to create a different version of a 'cult favorite', Glace, based on the requests of us phero aficionados. He supplied the alternate versions very quickly, and the interest was overwhelming.
(03-08-2012 4:34 PM)xxx Wrote: [ -> ]
Quote:That said i would like to point out that Only after Dbot mentioned his "tiredness" after using Glace did i realise that i'm not alone and subsequently Terry voiced out too.
The day that it knocked me out the worst was probably part my fault because i had just come out of a warm shower and i had given my skin a really good scrub and exfoliation then i sprayed around 4-5 sp of G and spread it over as much skin surface as i could manage including the back of my knees, therefore all of my main body parts were covered, and i was in the car also for 1/2 an hour breathing all of this and it was a very hot day, anyway i have not given up because in future i will just utilize one spray of my current version, i dont really want to waste quality pheromones so the compromise to 1 spray is certainly worth a go.

I have a several years old bottle of Aquagen with a little remaining and every now and then i will just take the 1 spray to my throat and the self effects for me are unique and wonderful, therefore i will try this with G and see if i get more of the same..... Training1
(03-08-2012 5:19 PM)Alpha Dream Wrote: [ -> ]I'm driving right now, give me a chance to get back home and respond to all this. xxx, not that your taking advantage necessarily, just that your post probably scares the shit out of people. For 99.8%, they don't get that kind of reaction.

Changing it in the first place was my bad - I should not have done that. I'm human, I make mistakes sometimes, but thought it would improve the product.

My post is earlier is my honest experience. I've been your customer since Pharmacom LLC and purchased $180 of single molecules on Jan 08 when your company is still an unknown in the Phero industry. From that experience I know you sell the proper stuff. There's no reason for me talk down your product.
There is always a requirement for experimentation with these products. I mad the mistake originally of only ordering 'Alpha' blends. I am very happy to have some socials on file now. Once i receive my 'fast burn' i will try it solo as well as in combo with a few sprays of the original Glace so to achieve different burn rates. I also may try the 'fast burn' Glace with Corpo to test effects. This is an ever-evolving party.
(03-08-2012 4:34 PM)xxx Wrote: [ -> ]I have commended your products when it works. You take in praise/positive remarks easily but when it comes to critical feedback you get easily upset. What's up with that?

I am not advising censorship, or asking members to skew their views, or asking them to hold their tongue if something does not agree with them. All I am asking is that you be fair, and to take a minute to stop and think about what you are about to put on a public forum for the whole world to see.

xxx, in all fairness, if you look back at this, did glace really cause such a terrible reaction for you? If it did then I am truly sorry for that - my mission is to create products that enhance and enrich people's lives, not to cause them any harm.

That's why I don't stock or use estratetraenone or meo-estratetraenone: I know that it's not good for people to use, and won't accept the ruthless profitability model that is all to common nowadays, regardless of their customer's well being.

That's why I don't buy from Chinese chemists who don't give a shit, and who's products are often contaminated with lead or heavy metals. That's why I pay twice the price for pure ingredients from Ph.D. chemists, and that's why I have the ingredients purified before using them if they are impure.

I actually care about this stuff, keeping it safe and healthy - in the end, I'm not as financially rich or profitable, but I can sleep better at night.

I can take negative reviews, that is what helps me to create better products - but when it's unfairly negative, I have to question why. Am I doing something wrong? Are the ingredients not up to spec? Or is this person posting something which is a manifestation of their mood or their unsatisfied high expectations, or is it what someone else said or thought? I take negative reviews and experiences very seriously and try to the root of why.

Also, I really don't think anyone here understands the flowchart of customer acquisition - I've never explained this before, so allow me to now...

Each month I pay a few thousand dollars (about 1-1/2x or 2x what is usually paid for a mortgage) for sponsored links on google, yahoo and bing, when someone types in "pheromones" or "pheromone cologne" or something similar. Try it out in google.

You will see my ad pop up on the side, which reads something like "Experience pheromones - Read real reviews and get real results. Experience it" - the person clicks on the ad and I get charged a few dollars ever time someone does. They are taken to my website, with a link directly to this forum for product reviews - hence, "real reviews, real results."

To my knowledge, I am the only company which is confident enough in my products to do this, and to send potential customers who I paid about $2.50 per click to send to my website. The person is taken to this forum, and has access to all of the reviews from all pheromone companies. Many times they will come here and buy from someone else, so I pay to send traffic to a competitor, and this is fine. Most people will read reviews of my products, and decide to try them out, since the stuff you find on this forum is impossible to make up.

Oftentimes, the customer is so intrigued that they sign up for pherotruth, and become a member here and learn a wealth of knowledge about pheromones. In this way, I'm also helping this community grow.

So I try to keep it as real, as honest, and as genuine as possible. All I ask is that when reviewing a product, if you have something negative to say, please also keep it real, and honest, and as genuine as possible, and I will try my best to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

I'll post more about this later. I have to go for now, so that I can get back to work - and it really is so much work to try to live up to a high standard, and make a living and a life for me and Amara. I work very hard for less profit than other pheromone companies achieve, so please take it easy, and remember that this is a public forum, and what you say can and will be used against me.

Chris @ Alpha Dream
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