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Fluticasone Propionate isn't really a pheromone. I am thinking of it as a pheromone antidote. It is also called by brand names "Flonase", and "Veramyst" I thought Veramonasal sounded like Veramyst, probably a coincidence.

Anyway, after OD'ing on P75-30mcg to neck/chest, I got a headache, then it progressed to get worse over the next 4 days. When I went to the doctor, they said they don't give antibiotics for sinus infections unless you've had it for 2 weeks. I thought "This SUCKS!" Then I was told they give STEROIDS for sinus infections that have been less than 2 weeks. Hmmm.

So I got my perscription, and the swollen sinus pressure went away rather quickly, like in minutes. So I got a cure for the P75 headache and a little light bulb went off.

So this is what Fluticasone Propionate looks like, looks like all the steroids with that steroid base staring you right there in the face.
[Image: sc-218517.png]

However, it was the FACT that the medicine is delivered to the tissue by way of nasal spray, and soaks in thru the tissue in your nose/sinus for a local delivery.

I would like to use this as an argument that STEROIDS can be absorbed into your body and have effects WITHOUT activating the VNO (veramonasal organ). I would like to piggy-back on this and say that (I'm going out on a limb, but I feel it is a limb that holds the weight of my argument)

"ALL STEROIDS, WHEN INHALED, CAN BE ABSORBED INTO THE BODY, POSSIBLY ALL THE WAY INTO THE BLOODSTREAM THRU THE SINUS WALLS, OR LUNGS. They can there create primary and secondary effects on physiology, mood or both."

So, I know this statement is wrong because I used the word ALL. I'm pretty sure there are exceptions to this rule, although I don't know what they are. BUT, I wanted to show this medication and it's corresponding drug delivery system.

This delivery system is different than Epinephrine (Primatene Mist) which goes down your trachea to the lungs, again used in a location specific way to opent the trachea/bronchial air passages.

Here is what Epinephrine looks like. They don't sell Primatene Mist anymore.
[Image: adrenaline_a_k_a_epinephrine_chemistry_f​...zl_400.jpg]

[Image: Steroidogenesis.png]
That is awesome! "Too bad" my sinus just went away after about a month. If i knew of this before. If i get the sinus again, i'll try and test this.
And P75 triggered it so fast. I was probably on the edge with a cold, and somehow blasting myself with 30mcg of P75 just pushed me into it. I gotta keep P75 to lower doses for sure.
I must say, that if you have a sinus headache, above/behind your eyeball, and if there is a possible 'Mones cause for it [like you sniffing your arm after applying mones]. Then Flonase (Fluticasone Propionate) can clear it up in 5-10 minutes. It is tough and fast. I'm not a doctor, and please don't consider this medical advice. I've seen generic Flonase on the internet for $19 a bottle. It is prescription though.
Awesome post! Full of information and to the point. Thanks.
Really awesome! I like the post very much.
Very nice serendipity! Reps!
Flonase also works wonders for some ED pill type sinus pressure such as YDW(Ying Da Wang). But throw in Tylenol and Advil with it. If you over use them, you can get an aweful sinus headache. And Flonase is a 1x a day type medicine.
Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I was curious.

I know people who use this daily for regular sinus-related issues. Would this theoretically mean they should be less affected by Pheromones in general?
(02-12-2014 8:34 PM)Lach Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I was curious.

I know people who use this daily for regular sinus-related issues. Would this theoretically mean they should be less affected by Pheromones in general?

I didn't intend to promote it that way. I think it would allow for greater effect, because it would help the nasal areas near the nose and sinuses to reduce swelling, allowing them to function more normally if they were swollen.

How I intended to promote it is 2 ways.

1. It clears up OD headache that too much P75 caused in myself.

2. The chemical structure of Fluticasone Propionate (Flonase) is so very similar to other human pheromones & putatives that I beleive it is safe to say that the 'mones will absorb into tissue and bloodstream just like this molecule does. Part of my point in other posts was that 'mones can have effects not only as varonasal detection, but also by inhalation to lungs/blood and transdermal absorption thru skin and other tissues.
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