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Hey there ShesBeeSting, wecleomt to PheroTruth! Please excuse the guys if their being a bit risque, they mean no harm. We really do have an awesome group of members here, and all are ready and willing to help you learn the ropes when it comes to Pheromones.

I'm sure a couple of the ladies will be along shrotly to say hello too.
Welcome to the forum. Nice to have more ladies here. I definitely would steer you towards Love Potions. There is a lot to choose from there but if you stop by the forum you will get tons of great advice. I also love Alpha Dream, Liquid Alchemy's Hypnotica and a few by True Pheromones. Good luck. Looking forward to reading your reviews.
Welcome aboard, become a sponge and just soak up all of the information and knowledge that is contained in this forum and have fun doing so Smile
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