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Full Version: March Post of the Month Contest - Sponsored by HAX Pheroceuticals!
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PheroTruth is very pleased to announce that HAX Pheroceuticals will be sponsoring the Post of the Month contest for March.

Brad has very generously offered to provide a cash award, along with a really sweet supply of pheomones.

And, Gslinger has also offered to donate $25.00 to the pot. And, PheroTruth is going to match the combined cash total offered by HAX Pheroceuticals and Gslinger, so the winner will be walking away with a pretty sweet prize, just for doing what they always do!

So, by know you folks are probably itching to hear just whats up for grabs, aren't you?

The member authoring the post receiving the most nominations in the month of March will receive from Hax Pheroceuticals:

1 bottle of Wingman Element 7
1 bottle of Wingman Element 9
1 bottle of Wingman element 9+O
1 bottle of Wingman Black Label
1 bottle of Wingman Blue Label
1 bottle of Wingman oil based Lab Series M512
1 bottle of Wingman oil based Lab Series C4
1 bottle of Wingman oil based lab series X22
3 bottles of Wingman Element X
3 bottles of Wingman Extreme
$125.00 cold hard cash!

And, in addition to the HAX Wingman products and cash award, there's also the $25.00 Gslinger has donated, and PheroTruth's matching $150.00.

So the winner will walk away with enough pheromones to last quite awhile and an extra $300.00 in spending cash!

Let's all thank Brad from HAX Pheroceuticals and Gslinger for their generousity and crank out some spectacular posts in March!
Good Lord! Another great comp!!! Smile

Thanks to Brad, Gslinger, Mark, Pago and Terry!
that is a big prize!!
I think bigger prizes should be spread out.
Wow that's awesome! Very nice!

Thanks gslinger and HAX!

I agree! Several smaller prizes instead of one giant prize would be more fun for everyone. Just my 0.02
I'm cool with bumping my sponsorship to April if this month's prize spread is really big.

We'll see how things go, if things get really good for me in March I might throw in something interesting come April
Nice prize. I agree it's nice to have more than one prize, like January's contest.
WOW! I had to come look because I couldn't remember . . . That's an amazing prize!!! Eek I've never tried any of the wingman products! This has really made my day!

Thank you mark-in-dallas, Brad, GSlinger, and everyone here at pherotruth!

Great love and abundance!
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