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Full Version: Recieve Icebreaker Additives yet? Report in!
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As per the letter all of us should be receiving:

Quote:Remember: these bottles contain "release candidates". The purpose of this final test is to ensure these formulas are ready to be released for sale to the public. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Please login to and find section on and confirm that you have received this package by posting a short comment on what's your first impression of this pheromone line. Use these products by themselves without using any other products. If you wish you may use your cologne to mask the raw pheromone scent. Please post all of your experiences at

So I guess I'll be starting this one out with my own impressions! I'm purposely excluding pictures of the bottles as to keep the design as a surprise.

My thoughts:
  • Slim, low profile bottles! Low profile in size only, however. I feel a need to cut "pheromone" out from the label with my xacto knife. I don't think this should be removed from final design, but it can't be helped that the word "pheromone" scares people sometimes.
  • Aside from two mentions of "pheromone", the rest of the bottle is pretty discreet. Vertical logo is pretty cool.
  • I kind of wish the bottles were in larger, 10-15ml eurodropper bottles. I feel a better sense of security in my investment if the glass is a little thicker, but I guess it's not that much different.
  • Alcohol based is okay, but oil based has proven to be the king in my book. That never stopped me from admiring New Pheromone Additive, but I suppose I do reach for it less often. Perhaps it would be cool to have the choice. When I applied Pure Feel yesterday, I felt like I needed to apply two dabs of it to apply it to both sides of my neck/jaw, and then only my wrists got what felt like lame trace amounts of phero. Absolutely no offense intended-- I'm just indicating the slight disappointment felt in the application process.
  • Overall, I really like the bottle design. It's simple but it works great. Nothing incredibly special about it, but it seems someone knew what they were doing when putting it together. It's similar to two people owning the same dress shirt and dress pants, and one of them wearing it better than the other. Each piece of the design seems to compliment the rest, and I find it not awkward at all.

I will post my report on Pure Feel soon, but I want to try using it one more day to confirm my thoughts on it. Ironic that this is the first one that Mark suggested to try, because that's the first I reached for before I saw his post. P
C'moooon!! Post!!!
I received my samples yesterday. I never heard of this company prior to Mark telling us about Robert and then giving us the option for testing. I have to say that regardless of how I felt about Roberts attitude when talking to Mark and talking about another vendor...One who has a proven product and more credibility than him no less... I have to say that so far I like doing business with them. The samples came with instructions geared toward an intended outcome, this makes it easier for those of us who will be testing.

As for the sample products...

The products are small and discreet except for the part where they put "Pheromone" on the bottle itself lol This is one of the things I regret with great products like New Pheromone Additive and True Love, the word pheromone is on the bottle, I don't want people to know I'm wearing pheromones like txi0m said it "scares" people. Other than that I appreciate the size because I can keep a bottle in my pocket if I wanted to refresh with it later or it could fit in one of the small pockets of my gym bag. I couldn't really smell anything when I opened the bottles but that doesn't really mean anything but I about half expected Pure MACHO to smell like urine on used jock strap. It was a relief that it didn't considering that they don't want us to use a cover scent...

Well... Let's do this thing!
Reports! Hoo hoo. Reports!
Hi txi0m,
it's Robert from PureMones.

Great feedback!

Yes, I think I understand the issue with the word "pheromone(s)" on the label. Personally I have never had any bad reactions to the word pheromones, my friends were excited when I explained them what pheromones are. But again, I understand that it would be kind of akward if a bottle labeled "pheromones" fell out of your pocket while making out with a girl you just met :-)

I have an interesting story related to how general public see pheromones:
One of our customers "not so bright" guy went to a club aproaching girls and asking them to smell him. After the girls complained to the staff he was questioned by the bouncers. He explained he was wearning pheromones. The bouncers threw him out because he was (quote) "using some kind of date rape drug". This is a sad but funny extreme case of misunderstanding and a really bad way to test pheromones.

We have already printed the labels, so for the first batch the words will be there, but I will make sure we remove it from future labels.

Quote:I couldn't really smell anything when I opened the bottles
After opening the bottle, I can smell mostly the alcohol base.
But I can definitely smell phero odor after applying it to the skin and letting the alcohol evaporate from all products except of PureTrust.

What I found out is that sense of smell varies greatly between people. Also depending on the circumstances there is a great deal of variation within the same individual. One day a person may not smell anything while other day his sense of smell is heightened. It all depends on the enviroment and things you ate or drinked in the recent past. It's good to "reset" your sense of smell by smelling coffee beans.

Anyways... this phero odor that I smell from the products is detectable but not overpowering. We did not want to make this product so loaded with NONE it would give the user headache. You can always apply more dabs if you feel more is needed and that's what we are testing here.

Keep the feedback comming! Thanks!
Hi Rob, I got my testers today. I look forward to testing out your formulas.

Thanks for the opportunity Smile
Initial impressions: I can definitely smell the mones in Pure Macho, and get a faint hint from the others.

I like the design of the bottles, although I do believe you'll offer a far more practical product if (as txi0m) says offer it with a dropper bulb or a euro dropper, even a roll on. It would make dosing far more reliable (especially in the case of Pure Macho in which OD could occur).

I'm curious to know, will the release product be of the same size (4ml)? And are they built mainly for diluting with cologne like N.P.A?

I'll give them a thorough testing and report back!
Thanks for testers, Rob!

The 4ml bottles arrived yesterday, while i was at work. Picked them up today from the post office.

The bottles look professional and nice. The base apparently is pure alcohol, at least that's what it smells like, or could there be some DPG in it? There was a nice instruction paper, which explained the effects of each product.
thanks for reporting.

The idea behind PureMones line is very simple:

pure pheromones dissolved in a pure alcohol (SDA 40B) base.

With scented products, some people love the scent while others don't like it so much. Scent is a very subjective and personal, so with unscented approach everyone can wear their favorite cologne.

Thanks again and keep the posts coming!
Thanks for the cute testers Rob !

the stuff arrived today as i was at work and had a notification in my mailbox to pick the package up at the post office..

very nice packed and you put a lot of effort into filling the shipping details and all other things that were required ..

Will the products be sold in general as additives ?

Will the bottles be larger in original .. coz they are a bit tiny i think ( o.k it's an additive like it looks bit you know .. the larger looking the bottle the much valued )

it's like IDK said .. bottles look professional !

thanks as well for the instruction paper ;)


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