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Full Version: Can we do away with autofill?
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Can we do away with the autofill (or whatever it's called) where an "A" followed by a "1" is automatically converted into the full word?

I think -none, -Androsterone, etc do the same thing.

I prefer to see the shorthand, to me, it's just easier to read if it says "ay one" instead of the real name.
It's search engine optimization. If you change that, the google ranking of pherotruth for those terms will fall. Which means less new visitors, which means we will grow more slowly.
I'd leave it that way. After all the truth needs to be spread!
idontknow is correct. And in addition, we get more and more members that are new to pheromones and do not know what A-1 or N-one stand for.
I see where JAYCEE is coming from, but I also remember when I was brand new to mones, it sucked not knowing what anything meant, I stumbled upon a few forums before this one and I was TOTALLY lost, because I had no idea what certain abbreviations meant. Pherotruth helped me get up to speed faster with autofill.
JAYCEE has a valid point on this and i must admit that i'm as well that used to using the abbreviations that it sometimes shock's me a bit when the autofill system strikes again !

It's as well like IDK mentioned a thing for search engine optimization ...

me for my part i can live with the autofill system .. for me AY ONE ( yeah you know why i wrote it like this ) is more related to the molecule than Androstadienone ( hey i typed it .. )

but for new members it can be a bit overwhelming to have so many new Products and they get more nearly every week .. and then they have to deal with all the Phero-Chinese as well Big Grin


I love autofill. It makes me feel smart and like I have my own personal secretary taking dictation in shorthand and then writing it the proper way for me. LOL. It's the little things...
Hmm, maybe we need to look into a speech to text converter. Big Grin

OK, before anyone gets all excited, I'M JOKING! It would be all but impossible to incorporate something like that into a web based app, at least it would be with today's technology, except for all but maybe the biggest companies with racks of servers and ungodly amounts of memory capacity.
Somewhat more difficult than ABC although i could probably live with the occasional N.P.A. or A.1. maby T.E .

New Pheromone Additive and Androstadienone for the makings of a good combo, or maby The Edge + Androstadienone

Parhaps terry has far too much spare time on his hands ? ?

not really i have been labouring hard for 4 hours and need to cool off before my shower and then i am going out on the town to test out my 2 sp Glace + 2 sp True Love . . . i am so tempted to include 10 mcg xxx Spruce up
I remember over at pherotalk back in the day, they had the engine leave the word alone, but highlight it and make it such that if you rolled over it you got the name and a quick description. Not sure I like the description since it tended to skew results imo, but the mouse hovering worked nice on a computer. Was pretty terrible for things like ipads, iphones, androids, and in general anything with a touch screen though.
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