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Full Version: Ads for registered users
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Is it just me, or are the ads now turned on for other registered users as well?

It says:
Quote:Login or Register to remove all advertising
Though on Chrome and on my iPad the ads are still there after logging in. And it's tons of ads. And it's since today.

Is this a bug?
Mine's showing the same way, weird.
Nope, I know what the issue is and I'll go fix it right now. We will be adding a new forum and both of you are in the new usergroup we created for it.

We only placed 37 members in the usergroup and the forum is just for you guys. Consider it a secret club! Big Grin

EDIT: That should fix it, let me know if it didn't, ok?
Yup, it's all fixed now. Just popped in to let you know, actually.
OK, thanks. You woulds would have seen the new forum too, except there's a glitch with the persmission settings that I've got to get figured out first.
Yep, fixed now. thanks! that was quick Smile
Edit: The ads at the bottom of the page are still there for me.
Guess I missed that. I'll fix it when I get home.
The ads are still there for me
Shouldn't be. Please refresh your browser and let me know if you still see them. But, at least you know you made the cut, right? Big Grin
All fixed now and looking good, thanks mark!
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