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Full Version: Massive new blind molecule test
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Im planning a massive new blind molecule testing project. About 15-20 new compounds will be tried. There will be at least a $35 admission fee to help cover the cost of the compounds. Any compounds which are discovered and wanted will be made available - i'm expecting that at least 3 new desirable compounds will be identified. One of the compounds is a derivative of ER303.

If you are interested in participating with the admission fee please respond to this thread and I will contact you by PM.

I'm planning to finalize everything in about 3 to 4 weeks.

Chris @ Alpha
Double post
Lead on McMuff! Light the way to Pherovana!
Haha yes lead on. Im interested!
+1 for me Smile
15-20 molecules?! WTF! Count me in! Let's do some research guys.
I'm in ....

and I'm sure that JohnnyHard and XPX will participate as well !!

Count me in. Chris.
Just let me know how to send the money.
What a question, I'm in and thanks Pago, but please don't drink this stuff like the last time... Mrgreen
Yeah...Count me in !!!!
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