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Full Version: Deer Antler Velvet
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Deer Antler Velvet is the best workout/daily supplement ive ever taken it speeds of my metabolism making me burn excess fat quick,heals my joints allowing me to workout more frequently and it amps me up to work out and its all natural been used in Chinese medicine for over a 1000 years and as of recently scientist have discovered how to extract antler velvet better i know i should like a cheesy infomercial but this stuff works :good3:
Gee if I didn't know better I'd be banning you as a spammer. sideLol I guess you really must like it!

That, or you are by far the most patient and methodical spammer I've ever seen. :laugh2:
lmao i swear by this stuff!!!Buba new zealand deer antler velvet you can get a bottle on amazon for like 26 buck instead of the official website which is more lol :laugh4: methodical by purchasing tons of pheromones and reading and reading and reading on how to use them so one day just one day i can promote deer antler muhahahahaVampire youve seen through my master plan mark Smile lol but on a serious note try it out it helped me a lot and after seeing the post on nootropics which i was on the fence about making until i saw it just a few minutes ago i wanted to be the first to suggest the velvet P cause it works
I think there was a thread a few months back ...

not to dissapoint you guys Big Grin

or have i missed something ????

IDK is using it to great success .... as far as i know .. hahahahahaha

aaaaawwwww >.< bubble has been popped but hopefully this thread will reach others to try it out i need a mones bugdet cause the rest of my supplement experimentation has completely stopped i wish more people would post things they tried out like i like what terry is doing with the male sex supplement journal he is doing its informative and helps the community as a whole outside the mones section of course ^_^
I'm thinking about picking up a bottle. You can get 30 tabs to try for $12 on Amazon -
i haven't had any experience with the pill form i only used the tonic tinctures new zealand deer antler because i read it was the most effective way to get it into your system but do try the pill form out and give us a in depth review:good3:
Yep. I took a full bottle of the nutronicslabs IGF-1 100,000 as33 recommended. Did take a while to work, but after some time some slight back pain mine was gone and i felt more fit physically and mentally. Though after all i felt it was a little bit expensive with custom fees, extra fedex custom administration fee, and 40$ shipping and an already expensive product. Sure in the US you won't have those fees.

So i ordered some New Zealand deer antler velvet extract. Which was around 20$/bottle. Guess it's the same like nutronicslabs, but with less IGF-1. Effects came more quickly and i got to say that this quite much pushed me sexually. Almost to the point where it was a little much P Though i had one bottle pure velvet and the bottle i took was half the velvet and half some herbal extract. Right now i'm taking a break from those, as really it's almost overpowering.

Also i believe the pills may not work. Normal route of administration is sublingual.
yeah i cant believe i forgot that effect (primal sexual) Twisted mind you when i was taking it i was going through a dry spell and if i didn't have swimming class to burn off some of that extra energy i would have went mad
Dang i gotta get this ASAP lol.

Its funny how this forum is about mones but now iam discovering things that can actually b more efficient than mones,man i love this forum!!
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