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Full Version: Fly's Erox review
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Okay. So i owe Crowdgather a review for being so nice as to send me a sample of Erox first hand.

I first want to start by saying this is the best diffusing/long-lasting pheromone i have used so far. Just a small amount seems to last consistently for about 4 hours. By consistently, i mean the curve of diffusion seems to be like this:


The smell is very pleasant. It is strong but not overbearing.

I'll just surmise the main reactions I've had, always on 2x (not full) sprays of Erox, each one each side of the neck.

The first one was while talking to this 6 foot 2 tall model-like blond from my job. I have never had a blatant reaction from her while using other mones. While talking to her she would put her face much closer than she usually does, like 15 cm (6 inches) close. She seemed to be positioning herself purposely closer to me. A little hair flip here and there (twice, actually) and some looks at my mouth. Even when i was looking to a chart on her computer screen, she would hold eye contact a little longer before breaking it.

Okay, that one was at the job, and may not make justice to Erox.

I went to Subway (sandwiches) at the lunch but i had some residual Turn Up The Heat from 2-3 hours earlier, but i decided to apply 2x almost full Erox sprays, 1x each side of the neck, as usual.

While waiting on the line, these 3 girls (all about 15-16yo) got onto the line behind me. They were using the uniform of an expensive school nearby. Ok, nothing unusual so far. But all of the sudden, the girls started getting much closer to me than it's normal, one of the girls close to the point of rubbing arms against each other. Then this same girl started to talk louder (which was accompanied by the other 2) about how much she had spent at the mall last Saturday. (For the curious ones, something likes US$1,100 by what she said.) Validation?
I don't know, but this girl would not give me an inch, following closely each step I'd take forward on the line.

When we finally got to the counter to choose our sandwich's ingredients, one of the girls (a 15yo asian girl) started to rub herself against me. First the arm, twice. Then her buttie. She rubbed and rubbed and the line moved on, so i moved along. She moved along and rubbed her butt against me, once then twice.
Everyone that knows me here knows i like younger girls, but that was too much, so i moved away from her.
I haven't checked for eye contact once i left the place, but i surely knew something had gone on.

Other than that, the conversations with girls went a little more mellow than usual. I haven't paid attention to guys' reactions because, honestly, they are of no interest to me. Older girls did not reacted positively neither negatively.

As for self-effects, the typical Androstadienone depression when my crush didn't reacted as I thought she would. It faded away quickly, though.

Verdict? I'll buy a bottle once it's available. The reactions I had were good and strong enough to gain the FSH seal of approval!

Not that my seal is "the shit" though...
I got about halfway through my Erox sample and didn't see too much attraction-wise. I do still want to try it with some Androstenone added, though. I could see its stimulating effect being turned sexual very nicely that way.
(11-22-2011 8:31 PM)dbot Wrote: [ -> ]I do still want to try it with some Androstenone added, though. I could see its stimulating effect being turned sexual very nicely that way.

Yes, that's what i think i've experienced. It will be good if you could replicate my results. Good luck!
This sounds like a great product for me since I'm 16!
Hey Maxx, grrrreat! Ship some 16s to Brazil when you have the time! :b
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