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Full Version: Chief Rabbi Blames Steve Jobs for helping create selfish society
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I may as well keep this thread for anything further I post relating to the problems of modernity, rather than cluttering up the - currently rather clean - forum.

There is kind of a tenuous link to pheromone use because over many years the use of pheromones tends to awaken, or at least create the possibility of awakening, parts of our brain that habitually are suppressed and underdeveloped when operating in a very technological society. Pheromones as social and emotional learning tools, as tacitus put it. And once one has awoken to these other aspects of reality, it becomes hard not to be struck by some features of modernity that are far from ideal. Certainly, that is how it worked for me.

Do let me know should you find this to be of no interest.

Quote:The mass media are the primary therapy of modernity

...because the mass media provide the two main answers to alienation: distraction and desensitization.

"The notion that American women endure the travails of low self-esteem is unmitigated bullshit; mythmaking of the highest caliber. American women, and really most women in post-industrial countries on the downslope into cultural decay, have the opposite psychological condition: TOO MUCH self-esteem.

Social network mediums like Facebook and Twitter have contributed to the bloating of the American female ego by giving her access to the admiration of ARMIES of would-be suitors (the equivalent of a handful of suitors in pre-internet fame times), and to an emotional support system that numbers in the hundreds, even thousands, over the relatively tiny social circle her grandmother was grateful to have in her day.

Today, it is insidiously easy for a woman in her peak attractiveness years to attention whore. If you want to know why so many women so readily whore for attention, the answer is simple: because they can. Cute puppy pic "”> cascade of high fives. Who wouldn't avail themselves of that quick ego fix?"

Roissy does not pull his punches...
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