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Full Version: Oil based VS Spray or body spray
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I have TA oil and a sample of the body spray. I like the smell of the body spray but does it work as well as the oil based? Also with TA I have noticed a lot of respect from other guys but not much attention at all from girls.(using 2-4 drops on finger and rubbing on the neck and behind ears) I also have TL and havent really noticed anything either.(2-3 sprays to neck) Can someone please give me some advice. btw Im 17 and in high school if it maked a difference.
Generally speaking a good rule of thumb is oil-based mones last much longer than their alcohol/spray-based counterparts. 8-10 hours for oil; 5-6 hours for spray. Since you are so young (17) you are producing more testosterone and pheromones naturally. I believe 4 drops of TA may be borderline OD, if not full-on, for your age ( TA it does have a fairly high concentrate of none if I am not mistaken). Also, since I found no indications in your post are you currently using TA and TL as stand-alones? if so, it may be more beneficial to combine these 2.

Your application points are good to go. But might I suggest that you maybe use a spray around your wrist areas (as opposed to neck) for the TL; if you wave your hands around or otherwise make hand gestures when talking to women, this can help give them a whiff as you fan the mones around. For me i've found that using social/trust lube type mones work (i'll use TL for example since this is what you use) best when i put them on the forearms/wrist/chest area; while putting the more Alpha type of mones on my neck/ear area.
@dk: Try going with 2x True Alpha (oil) and 2x True Love. You shouldn't need more than 3x True Alpha.

Unfortunately I haven't had good opportunity to test TA body spray yet, but if you use that one day, do 3 seconds spray time MAX. That is likely going to be at the peak performance for you. I have a feeling I'll be doing 2-4 seconds when I use mine. Try saving the True Alpha body spray for when you have gym class, sports or something similar.

@papastitch: Hmm.. No actual confirmation on how long the True Alpha spray lasts. It is true that most sprays last 4-6 hours, but this is a body spray (think Axe, Tag, Old Spice body sprays)... As opposed to cologne bottle-like atomizer. The carrier of each is alcohol, but the actual length of effect could be shorter or longer than typical sprays.

The technical information claims it's 8-10 hours, but I have a feeling this is a sloppy copy/paste from the True Alpha oil based product. I haven't actually tested my body sprays (even though I have both TA and TI body sprays) properly yet... Not fond of having a strong Axe scent on me around sensitive asian noses.. But I do want to gauge their effectiveness sometime.
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