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Full Version: Quality of True Pheromone Sale Products
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There has been quite a few rumblings so far regarding the concentration of the products since the sale has started. Hence to put everyone's mind at ease I've opened this thread where we can all all discuss our experiences for all users benefits and also as a opportunity for the company to provide a response/feedback.

The problem seems to be inherent to the bottles where they have been filled right to the top. Pre-sale the bottles were filled to what looked like the bare minimum but performed well.

Please keep in mind this is not a True Pheromones bashing thread, just somewhere where concerned users can air their thoughts.

True Love has been mentioned more than once and given the great reviews previously, it seems like people need to use far more in order to achieve the same results. TI is another in which people have reported very soft effects when it is supposed to be a hard sexual product. Unless the ratio has been changed drastically, it should act as a hype powered version of something like Alter Ego rather than something like Ammo.

Feedback welcome! Smile
Thanks Snakey.

My two unscented bottles of TL were filled to the top and have a light vodka smell.

But johnnyj's bottles were also unscented, and he reported that his bottles smell is so strong that he cant even stand it. Im not sure about fill levels.

We need True Pheromones to explain on this, and the TI doesnt seem like a full on hardcore sexual product. I feel that it is softer than AV, or AM ! Plus, TI's smell is lighter than even TA, and much lighter than Alfa Maschio.
i got some true trust and true charisma from them when they first started, i guess because of some discount. they werent filled to the brim, but i assumed it was filled to the advertised amount. no biggie since it was on sale.

i havent had a chance to use it much because i can really smell the mones. they werent covered to well. specially the charisma one.

ive been meaning to buy a similar smelling cologne to cover with, but havent gotten around to it. besides i would still feel sketched out about the stink. maybe now that im approaching colder weather ill start using it with a strong cover.

i did have one situation where i was really agitated, while playing some xbox waiting to go out(had made plans), then at the last minute i applied some true trust just before the plans got canceled. went back to playing xbox and didnt feel as agitated. it actually made me feel more involved in the game and lol empathize with the character.

it was on odd little effect that lasted bout and hour or so.

so i guess the ones that i got work as they claim. but, like it was mentioned i got bottles from the companies inception.
I have my bottles of TL scented, and it's working really awesome for me. I have used both old and new, and what I feel is that they changed their formulation to something that diffuses faster but lasts shorter, maybe more alcohol was added? I have only used my old bottle a few times before I lost the whole bottle though, so I might not be correct.

I do not think that they shortchanged everyone with the discount though.
The TA and TL I got from them on sale are performing very well.

I haven't noticed any difference in potency between this TL and the one I bought a year ago. I get good results from just 1-3 sprays.
(10-02-2011 10:50 AM)dbot Wrote: [ -> ]The TA and TL I got from them on sale are performing very well.

I haven't noticed any difference in potency between this TL and the one I bought a year ago. I get good results from just 1-3 sprays.

Was this filled to the top , dbot ?


To add to this conversation, heres what stld82 got (notice the variation)

The first 2 are the normal ones (filled to top of label), and the last one (filled to the top) is the ones me and Rattlesnake got.

[Image: img1508h.jpg]
Thanks for the feedback guys Smile Seems like it might just be me TL/TI not jiving with my body chemistry Smile
I first bought 3 TA and 2 TI. It was shipped with a togo of TL. When I was using 2 drops of TA and 1 drop TI, I noticed that I got a good amount of stares but it was never anything more of that. During the time, I also started listening to the Aura of Sexiness.

I really liked the togo TL. I used 4-5 sprays with 2 drops of AV as suggested by Pago. Had some fun nights with this combo with the addition of androstadienone.

All three of mine were unscented. Ive started using the bottle that was most filled and I havent been able to get much out of it but ive been using 4-5 sprays. If it is watered down maybe its too little for me. Actually, I used 4 sprays TL and 4 drops AV this weekend and got intense stares from 2 females at the bar. Not sure whats to blame...
Both bottles that I got were filled the normal amount, I think. About midway between the label & the cap iirc.
I've just talked to Demetra at True Pheromones and i made sure they are informed of this thread.

@dbot: could you please take a photo of the fill level of your remaining bottle ?
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