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Full Version: Erox - Will Asians like corals?
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Firstly, BIG THANK YOU to Sanjay for sending out the sample bottles. They are HELLA HUGE!

[Image: 6523451897093137109201168_thumb.jpg]

I mean, if you compare it to a-hem, other "sample bottles".. Erox bottle totally awesome-d all over.

[Image: 6323221856093537214201196_thumb.jpg]

I am intending to use it on my girlfriend, as well as in school to see how well the effects hit on people you know and people you do not know. Stay tuned!
u got it before me .................................

U got it b4 me too !
And I've had mine long enough now to have used up a bottle and turned it into a laser. And, that included having to wait for over a week on the parts. Big Grin
my fortune cookie says .........

did u know i have never had a fortune cookie before?
lol @ Mengster.
Glad you received them. If the rest of you outside the US do not receive yours by next week then please send me a PM so I can give you a tracking number.
Scent of the sea creatures - First test

Honestly, I wasn't expecting much from this product. I mean, it's just Androstadienone , EST and some corals mojo. jumpy

I was so wrong.

Application: 2x Erox


- Firstly, the scent of this is very nice! Not very masculine, not in your face "COLOGNE GUY!", top notes subtly fruity and the bottom notes of Androtics' neroli? Pardon me I am very lousy at scents, but it is a very pleasant scent, I love it. Clapping

- I signed myself up for a course that I hope to take up as a hobby, and interestingly, there were quite a number of girls in my class. This is my 1st lesson so my signature is fresh to them.

- When I arrived in the class I sat in front of the class. After awhile 2 girls sat beside me. Throughout the 2 1/2 hour lesson the girl beside me kept turning her head towards me as if wanting to say something. Finally, at the end of the class, she just opened me and asked me something that was taught in the class. It was a silly question, I am pretty sure she just wants to talk to me.

- So after class, we have to take attendance at the front of the room. As I walked in front slowly (in a deliberate attempt), I notice 2 pairs of girls suddenly getting up their feet and walk up to the front of the class in a faster than normal speed. Being the "gentleman", I let them go ahead of me, where my true intention was to expose them to my pheromone cloud. Diablo

- As we exit the classroom, 1 of the pair who was exposed to my cloud kept looking at me when we were going down the stairs. It was very obvious that they were looking at me because no one else was behind me. WHAT HAPPENED TO SUBTLETY GIRLS? Hahaha, I think the scent of the sea creatures got to them.

[Image: Alt_Bleached%20corals.jpg]


- I am very impressed with this first try! Seems to make girls really doe-eyed and melts the barriers to first contact. jumpy
Great report! Big Grin

I agree about it being powerful for such a simple formula! Really does punch above it's weight.
Nice review! Quite a few of you have noticed the "head turning" effects of ER303 which is great. I am also glad that the fragrance feedback is coming back hi. The scent seems to be slightly addictive to me because I crave it even when I am alone.
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