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Full Version: Erox testing for couples
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I haven't been able to test out my sample yet, but I gave one to my husband & he tried to 'mone me last night. He was unsuccessful because it close to 10 pm & I was only half-way done cramming for my 8 am Psychology class. I was only exposed for 10 minutes max. & I'm extremely impressed with this. The effects were immediate, we ended up wrestling like horny teen-agers (an especially effective metaphor considering he was interrupting my studies)! Seriously, I can't wait to give this mix a proper test run, because the non-intensive flirtatious energy was still sexual in nature, but not corrupted by frumpy energy that my husband has devolved to in his 30s. I loved it & I hope my tests will be consistent in providing the same type of sexual tension. The scent is on the masculine side of a unisex citrus, a little like CK-1, so it could still work for women.
Thanks for the report! I can't wait to hear your future results!
Tried applying some today, but so far no dice. I'm going to assume it's because he is up nights & I tried to 'mone him while he was awake @ 11 a.m. getting a drink. I can't say about self-effects, but to be fair my period is due Monday. My self effects with any blend can be wonky during this time. Except 'none heavy blends, those make me extremely aggressive .
I dipped into SO's bottle & holy smokes, Batman! He's already through half of his sample! I asked him & he says it's his favorite. I asked him what he likes about it & he reported:
Quote:"I like the smell & I like the way it makes me feel"

When are you launching this, Crowdgather???? Are you accepting advance orders? I absolutely do not want him to run out of Erox!
I have been using it religiously every day since I received the samples. I will find a way to keep him from experiencing withdrawals if I can.
K, so I'm attempting to upload my first ever video review, Erox is teh product I'm reviewing, to YouTube via my cellphone. I hope it uploads successfully , this is my third attempt, lol! If I can't work it out, I may have to break down & buy a regular video camera, lmao!

Anybody have suggestions for a camera that's decently priced & easy to use?
K, I'm nervous, but here goes my vid. review:

<a href=";rel=0&amp;fs=1" target="_blank">;rel=0&amp;fs=1</a>

Also, sorry about the quality. I uploaded from my Optimus V, which is a very basic Android Smile

ETA: Ack, my nails look awful, I need to do them, lol.
Nice vid review! Smile
Awesome review! I always feel like a wrestling teenager, but it might be the Erox!
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