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Full Version: Erox Testing
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My bottle came today, many thanks to crowdgather for providing the opportunity to test.

I can confirm the scent is quality, even has multiple notes from what my amateur nose can tell. Reminds me of Issey Miyake. Has good lasting power too.

I'll have a decent opportunity to test tomorrow, during a lunch meeting between friends.

I suspect that this is not a super concentrated product and can be used quite liberally like a normal perfume. I got a mild Est mood boost from one spray I did to see what the fragrance was like.

More to come soon!!

you've got it and you're in the UK

hope mine will be here in Germany the next days !

Awesome, can't wait to read your reviews!
Pretty intense first review. Just a quick bit of background had a urgent matter come up which meant the lunch meeting went out the window. Long story short I needed a report for my sponsor printed, bound and sent by 2.00pm....was short notice as I only found out at around 10.30 that morning.

There is usually the big grump of a woman in the print department who would do her utmost to piss anyone and everyone off by doing the exact opposite what they needed. So as you can imagine I wasn't optimistic going in, this report is a pretty big deal to me and I didn't need the additional stress (got a lot on at the moment). I already had 3 sprays on which I'd applied around 10 and by the time I was off to the print department it was closer to 11. There were 3 nice looking women there must have been around mid to late 20's besides the grump.

As soon as I mentioned 1.30pm would be the latest what I needed she was already telling me 3 o clock minimum....within 5 minutes of haggling she appeared to melt into a kitten lol (not something you'd want to see on an ordinary day I assure you). After which she couldn't do enough for me, and went to deliver to orders to the guys doing to the printing and binding to make sure I got it by 1.30pm. Sounds a bit like what I would have got from A314, but this is different, A314 people feel they do it for because you come across as someone giving orders like a boss, with erox, its because they want to do it for you, like they want to please you or have a crush on you and want you to like them.

When I went back to pick up the report (it had been ready 20 minutes earlier than the collection time I later found out!!), the three women just stop dead in their conversation and DITH'ed me. I mean literally, the words just stopped and the eyes just stared. I'm thinking its because of two factors, firstly they also were exposed to erox for a while and secondly I had their boss running at my beck and call that gave me the attractive status.

Other hits included women giving plenty of IOI's but that may have been more to do with the fact I was feeling like da man by this stage. I think the circumstances that came about that yesterday pretty much exposed the power of Erox, could have tried it 100 times under different conditions and only seen a fraction of what I got that yesterday.

My estimate is that it takes about 5 minutes to affect others. It also lasts approximately 5 hours but that's is just a really rough guess.

To sum it up, Erox doesn't fit inside the normal genres, I'd say it has a want to fuck this guy attractiveness without being directly sexual. They kind of lust after you because of your status. Its a hard one to label but labels aren't important when you get hits ;)

Sign me up for a full bottle!
Rattlesnake, amazing post.

I so wanted to rep you but it says I have to spread it around first. Now I repped you once more than 24 hours ago and repped others as well after. This rapping system is shitty because what always tends to happen is if I go on and rep others then try to rep you, it will say you have done enough repping for today LOL.

Do you see the dilemma here?


It is so exciting to read these reports for me- thank you so much for sharing this!
Got Erox today and OH MY GOD! This stuff is great. Applied 3 sprays to my forearms and one spray to my chest. 4 sprays in total. The smell of it is pleasant.

Met up with the girl from my journal. She wanted to practice the text of her play (she does an internship at the theater).

Self effects of Erox were quite nice. Not overwhelmingly strong, though. A bit of mood elevation, maybe feeling a bit more sexual, idk.

The effects on the girl were astounding! We met and it took like 5 minutes for her to completely fall for me. I mean we most likely would have had sex anyways, but it was like she was begging me. It felt different for me (touching felt great), and from what i saw it felt a LOT different for her. Sex was really good. Everything was more intense, relaxed, a bit playful. I could go into detail, but i guess you get the picture anyways P The time spent with her was close to perfect. Strangely she gave me quite a few small shit tests, which she usually doesn't. We were grabbing something to eat, but i didn't watch for the reaction of people too much. Guess i got some looks. She said she didn't want to got to work, but hang out with me some more. She had to go anyways and so i drove her to the theater. When leaving the car, she whispered something. I almost didn't understand it, but she said: "Oh man. You're so mean. I love you." (It was the fourth time of us seeing each other and the first time she said that.) Randomly met another girl, like 3 hours after apllying and couldn't see much obvious attraction. I guess there was some attraction, though.

Conclusion: IMO Erox works better than the -none based sexual blends. It does not make the girls feel jittery/nervous, it just attracts. It seems to work on younger girls as well. It has no adverse effects on guys. There is also no Alphaness(at least no alpha self-effect for me), but the vibe between you and people turns smooth anyhow.

Crowdgather speed up the rollout and make sure it's available in Europe! Please! If it always works like that, then i could get along with 80$ shipping P
Wow! Thanks for your report! I have to admit that I have experienced some fun with my wife while on Erox- in fact she uses it regularly because of how it makes her feel. I am happy to hear that you are experiencing what I had dreamed of which is a social flirty effect as opposed to the alpha "bend over and grab your ankles" approach. I am a big, intimidating (ugly) looking guy so I do not need to risk instilling more apprehension in women- what I need is to get them to be comfortable so they want to engage with me. I think a little bit of that appears to be happening with Erox.

Thanks for all of these reviews- very kind of all of you!
For the people who tested it, can you confirm if it is cologne strength or not?. I would love it to be cologne strength so that I don't have to spray more than one thing at a time.


It's not EDT concentration. I assume since it's labeled "mist" it's a splash concentration or something very close, like weak after shave.

It's a light scent, so you can wear as many sprays as you need. I would prefer unscented but I don't think that's going to happen.
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