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Full Version: Erox Trip Reports!
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I received my very handsome 10mL Erox sample today! Thanks crowdgather!

The scent is light and inoffensive -- a bit powdery and sweet. For future production runs I might suggest an unscented or citrus-scent option be offered in addition to the standard scent.

I applied 1 spray to the neck before going to the grocery store. I noticed a pleasant kind of loose-feeling self-effect. It was light but noticeable at this dosage. There was a feeling of being slightly more confident and/or unselfconscious than usual. I didn't notice any major hits, but did have a general sense of being a bit more visible than normal -- slightly more eye contact, glances, etc. than I normally expect.

Looking forward to getting this puppy some play at higher doses and in more social situations!
Glad to see that you received it!
Tried this again a day or two ago at 2 sprays. I take back what I said about the scent. With 2 sprays it was clear that there is much more complexity than I much gave it credit for. I detected some kind of maybe pine? Anyway, the wife said I smelled good!

The self-effect seemed somewhat qualitatively different at two sprays versus one. I noticed more of an energizing effect.

I didn't notice too much in the way of social effects but conditions didn't end up being really optimal for producing them. My life doesn't have enough good testing times right now!
It's weird, but the fragrance really grows on you after a while. We actually went through a lot of effort with two fragrance design firms in order to come up with something unisex but appealing. A few of us in the office (male and female) have found ourselves using it in the morning just because...

I have only used it for business networking purposes, but I would love to see someone's experiences for using it on an actual dating type encounter.
I really want to test out this product. Hoe do I go about getting my hands on the beauty?
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