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Just thought that you guys might wanna know that lotion crafter seems to have a trend of having a discount every September. Maybe we will get lucky this year too Smile :

Fall Vacation Sale

While we're away, you get to play! Get 15% off your order. Just enter the discount code FALL15 at checkout. You must apply the discount before you place your order. We cannot apply the discount retroactively. Orders will ship when we reopen on September 17th! Limit one per customer. Offer valid through Wednesday, September 16th.

Labor Day Sale at Lotioncrafter!

Lotioncrafter Office and Warehouse will be closed on Monday, September 6th for the Labor Day Holiday.
But, while we're away, you can play! Because we're having a sale at Lotioncrafter! EVERYTHING'S 15% OFF now through Labor Day (Monday) at midnight PDT. No coupon needed! Don't miss it!!


Happy Labor Day!

Jenny & Crew

Monte Carlo fallacy. Tsk tsk tsk.

Dead Horse
you wait .... Buba

should'a waited...
just got my dimethicone cts 6 and 250, and my cyclo/dimeth mix from them today, cute little jugs, i'll post pics tomorrow on the today I bought... forum
gonna experiment with them mixing with everclear 95% ethanol to see what the fuck is up with the shit I tried to mix on saturday from coastalscents, hoping that the lotioncrafters stuff will mix ok with 95% ethanol
Good chance they won't be having one too so don't need to feel bad haha
I guess I was wrong bout this one ...
Heard from Chris at Alpha Dream that the methicones won't mix at all with anything that has water in them - a 3 Angstrom molecular sieve could pull the water out of everclear but I haven't tried that yet, guess I'll need to if I want to brew my own silicone mixes and have the mones dissolved in ethanol first. May try to see which ones are cyclomethicone-soluble.
hmm.... i was told even lab grade ethanol can only be 97% or so pure.

To be frank i can't tell if the silicone stuff is superior to just plain dpg. i like the theory behind silicon though - just keep forgetting to shake the bottle before application.
I think there are tradeoffs between silicone and ethanol - I'd love to plot out the vaporization rates of the various components and the molecular weights. I think seeing a base visually that way would really help us to understand which mones are going to fly away into the air and how quickly, especially when applied to different parts of the body that are different temperatures. Kinda like visualizing an airport and being able to see the little packages of your pheromones take off...
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