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Full Version: Welcome to the Erox forum!
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Three more and then that's it!
Thanks for beeing in...

this will become some nice testing ...

i'm really happy to be one of the lucky ones .

PM sent. I can't wait to test this!
Oh damn it .... I hope im not too late ....
We went a little over, but that's OK.

no more samples for now!

I will let you know about more samples after a little while, but it will be fun to see what the first group reports back.
WOW! 20 volunteers in less than 24 hours! I've never seen you guys move on anything so quick.

Let the fun begin!

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering about the size of the bottle, here one is next to a Love Potion trial size, Androtics to-go, the Erox bottle, Erox bottle with outer casing removed and cap off, and my tiniest laser standing up behind the removed shell laying on its side. Smile

Oh yeah, and I'm showing off cause I have it, and you don't. Blum

[Image: erox-size.jpg]

Any for Sanjay, my tiny laser lasing

[Image: tiny-laser.jpg]
(08-20-2011 2:23 PM)mark-in-dallas Wrote: [ -> ]Any for Sanjay, my tiny laser lasing

[Image: tiny-laser.jpg]

Is the camera actually picking up the beam from the side? Also, is it a violet laser? I want.
I so need a custom violet laser in a titanium flashlight host!
That's actually not a 405nm blu-ray or violet laser, but a 445nm laser with the diode from an A140 projecter.

The blu-rays burn better, but 405nm is on the lower end of the visible spectrum and beam isn't anywhere near as bright as the 445's.

And, the 445nm's are capable of putting out 1.5 - 2 Watts, while even the highest rated 405nm's are barely going to push 800mW, if you're very lucky and stumbled upon a hearty diode.

The pocket mini MDXL in the image above is only putting out 550mW.

But, if you want to get yourself a laser, is the place to pick one up. And, if you have a titanium flashlight that can be modded into a laser host, there are people there that will lathe a custom heatsink for it

Now when it comes to flahlights and lumens, I'm clueless. Confused
Looks like I have a whole new world to learn about- thanks!
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