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Full Version: General Summary for Molecule B
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(07-02-2011 9:09 PM)Alpha Dream Wrote: [ -> ]Molecule B is androsta-5,16-dien-3beta-ol, which is a chemical hybrid of androstadienol (3-beta) and DHEA. It seems like a strange one, as it does not behave like either one of them.

Below, I've compiled the effects of this molecule as reported by our blind testers. The numbers to the right of each effect indicate the number of a blind tester. The testers are still not being revealed at this point since there are a few more molecules being tested as we speak.

To the testers: You guys are awesome! And you're almost done testing the remaining molecules so keep up the good work and I'll keep pumping out these summaries!

Effects on Self

- Increased excitability/motivation (#1)
- Agitation & negative mood (#1, #2)
- Positive mood (#3, #7)
- Calmness (#5, #7)
- Increased light sensitivity and/or visual acuity (#2, #3)
- Increased aggression (#2)
- Increased sexual aggressiveness (#2)
- Sharp, exaggerated body language (#2)
- Increased impulsiveness (#3)
- Disinhibition (#3)
- Cockiness (#5)

Effects on Others

- Agitation & negative mood in males (#1)
- Mood elevation (#7)
- Increased chattiness in females (#1, #3)
- Increased chattiness in males (#5)
- Intimidation, avoidance (#2, #3)
- Increased approachability (#3, #7)
- Increased eye contact from women of all ages (#3)
- Increased physical proximity from women (#3, #5)
- Increased helpfulness (#3)
- Increased friendliness (#3, #7)
- Increased respect & deference from males (#3, #7)
- Short- and long-range attraction at 6 drops (150mcg) (#7)
- Flirting (#7)

Additional observations

- Increased sense of obligation (#1)
- "I would label it Instant Asshole. lol. Its pretty bad when the person you are with asks you not to test a certain molecule. As in........'Fuck, are really going to test molecule B again tonight?' 'I dont know if I want to go out with you now.' was said."
- "I see this more as a steering molecule more than a standalone or base." (#2)
- "I could see this being an all-around product for respect, attraction, and chattiness. I think it even helps with approachability and mood elevation. If Sample B were to be put in a product, I would buy it without hesitation and wear it solo. It's the best single molecule that I've ever tried." (#3)
- "Androstanone like.... the most effective opening /attraction molecule I ever see.... Sample B = attraction, attention getter, constant and icebreaker." (#7)
- Possible androstenone buffering effects. (#7)

General Conclusions

Reports on this molecule are hugely mixed! Testers either loved it or hated it! Some found it to be intensely irritating and aggressive, while others found it calming and friendly.

It is interesting to note that the testers who found this molecule irritating generally found it so at the 50-75mcg range. Those who really enjoyed the effects generally did so at the 100-150mcg range. No one tested this molecule at a dosage of 25mcg or less.

So it could be that there is a threshold dose for this molecule after which it stops being irritating and starts being a great attention-grabbing, ice-breaking molecule? Or maybe it's really unpredictable at these high doses and would settle down at lower ones? Or there may be other, unknown factors at play.

This molecule clearly needs more testing by the rest of us to be understood. And, like with the other blind test samples, no women have yet tested this molecule.
Chris, when you get a chance please post the name of molecule B and a store link for it! Then I'll move this thread to the public results section.
Molecule B is androsta-5,16-dien-3beta-ol, which is a chemical hybrid of androstadienol (3-beta) and DHEA. It seems like a strange one, as it does not behave like either one of them.
Here's an interesting study on this molecule's role in sex hormone metabolism -
Are there any plans to stock Sample B and sell it with the other single molecules?
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