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Full Version: Why massageXS massage oil?
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First off most, if not all of you, know me from Androtics and PheroTalk. Understand first and foremost I am a pheromone enthusiast and have been using pheromones since the early 90's if not earlier. Yeah I'm showing my ageSmile.

I've learned quite a bit over the years and while I certainly do not know as much as some members of this community I like to believe my experiences and growth has come full circle, as both a man and a pheromone enthusiast. I personally have created one of the most popular pheromone mixes over at Androtics (the coveted ICM AKA MX301). I've also "privately" created several other known pheromone mixes currently offered for sale in various locations.

My vision with massageXS is to offer the finest quality massage oil using all organic carrier oils and essential oils. It is a FACT that most massage oils currently use grape-seed oil as their base. We chose not to use Grape-seed oil a standard inexpensive "solvent" commonly used and recommended as a "low-cost" carrier. Your skin is just more important to us than keeping costs low!

You will find a delicate blend of 4 carrier oils all specifically included based on their remarkable ability to nourish the sebum (skin). We started with the expensive Macadamia Nut oil containing Palmitoleic acid, the highest of any plant oil. Palmitoleic acid is found in the human sebum among the young, but unfortunately this drops dramatically in mature skin, making massageXS an excellent source to revitalize your tired skin. Macadamia Nut oil is also high in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, also great for the skin. We finish our carriers with Avocado, Jojoba and Wheat Germ oils for a luxurious deeply penetrating base that is incredibly good for your skin.

We didn't stop there though! massageXS erotic body massage oil includes 9 organic essential oils, each one carefully researched for its complex aroma and their aphrodisiac properties. Selectively balanced to seduce the senses while enthralling your olfactory sense each essential oil compliments the next, but are also designed with their skin rejuvenation properties in mind.

Very careful time consuming research took place and this is a product over two years in the making. I personally scrutinized every source, every supplier I used. I sampled literally dozens of ingredients from dozens of suppliers. No expense was spared, no corners were cut. This is not your typical massage oil you will find anywhere else.

Each massageXS erotic body massage oil also contains a proprietary pheromone blend specifically designed to entice a relaxing sensual experience by the user. Due to contractual restrictions I cannot tell you what pheromones are used, or even where they come from. I can tell you though they are expertly mixed by a very popular pheromone formulator who formulates for numerous other companies. If you are not comfortable using unknown pheromones your option is NOT to use my massage oil. I will NOT be revealing them or where they are supplied from. I support my 80 year old father and like you I need my job. Please respect this.

OK so something very interesting happened on the way to the market. All of a sudden a chemical reaction was occurring using our special synthesis of carrier oils, essential oils and pheromones. Each component created this harmonious synergistic release of the pheromones. Currently we are analyzing this remarkable reaction and as such, if its what we believe, we will be seeking a patentTease.

So that's my story and I'm sticking with it. Razz

I believe in offering the very best quality at the highest quantity for the lowest possible cost. That's why each (120 mL 4 oz) erotic body massage oil comes with a 10 mL 1/3 oz roll on bottle specially infused with our warming agent. Not only do you get the naturally occurring deep tissue penetration of the essential oils, you also get the topical warming of our special agent. This unique bottle is perfect to carry in your pocket(book) for those special moments when you want to heat up the night. This is NOT something that should be used on your genitals. It will get hot and cause irritation in those areas, but its perfect for the thigh, neck, nipples and other erogenous areas.

I ask for your honest feedback.
Sounds like you put a lot of thought into this product!

I know you don't want to say much about the formula, but I have to ask one question: does the unisex model have androstenone? Reason I ask is that my wife doesn't respond to it when on the pill, but can smell it from a mile away so it would likely be a turnoff for her.
Actually none of the products have none in them. They are all based on relaxation and comfort with sensuality without the aggravation of -NONE. Good question.

I can say all formulas are based completely on relaxing the mind, which my research has lead me to understand that a relaxed mind is tantamount to a sensual experience. I firmly believe no sexual mones are required as a massage is an intimate experience as it stands alone.

Primarily designed for couples to useSmile
Awesome! I agree with this philosophy completely and have always experienced my best results from the types of mixes you describe.

Also, could you clarify what is meant by "for him" and "for her"? Do these refer to the massagee or the massager?
I have been testing this product for a few weeks now and have seen great relaxing results from it.
(06-20-2011 11:52 PM)dbot Wrote: [ -> ]Awesome! I agree with this philosophy completely and have always experienced my best results from the types of mixes you describe.

Also, could you clarify what is meant by "for him" and "for her"? Do these refer to the massagee or the massager?

Sure thing dbotSmile

For him is for guys to use on their lady friends
For her is for ladies to use on their guy friends
With your ICM mixes I know I'll be able to present a testing opportunity on this, only a few more weeks hopefully Steve then I can really report on its effects.
I had a look through your ingredients page and have to say it's impressive. I've been looking into perfuming and some of the EO notes you have there such as Vertiver/Agarswood are primarily used in top quality perfumes.

I look forward to trying your products out in the future Smile
I agree the For him and For her is a bit confusing Big Grin
(06-21-2011 3:46 AM)ohhmygod Wrote: [ -> ]I agree the For him and For her is a bit confusing Big Grin

Thanks for your feedback guys. I went ahead and changed product categories and descriptions to better reflect what they are for.

Please continue to provide feedback as I am gratefully appreciative.
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