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Full Version: Hi there!! :)
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Im new to pherotruth, but I must confess that Ive been lurking here for a couple of months now...and im pleased to say I've finally signed up as a member!
Here's a quick description of me. Im a fairly attractive(Hah!) Eurasian female living in a hot, humid country in south-east Asia.
I was introduced to pheromones by a school mate of mine who was doing a social experiment.
He gave me Instant Sexiness A and B, and a bottle of MX 135, which I still treasure to this very day.(By the way, I was wondering if pheromones can expire? Ive have my mx135 for nearly 4 years now, stored in a cool dark place)
In my arsenal I also have Scent of Eros for women, which I love to death, Mistress pheromones, Passion Copulin concentrate , and Love Potions' Pherogirl . (I'll get down to reviewing them soon, promise.) Angel

To sum it up, Im happy to be part of this community, and hopefully I'll learn more about pheromones from all you nice folks. Dance
Welcome sweetie.
I think your pretty hot actually... Friends
Well hello Bambi! I'm glad you decided to take the plunge and join us.

Treasure your Instant Sexiness A, B and MX135 from Androtics, because as you probably already know they are no longer available, and from what I've read the new version of Instant Sexiness that is available just isn't the same.

As to pheromones expiring, as long as you keep them in a dark cool place you should be OK. I also have some pheromones that are going on 5 years old, and they still seem to be ok.
Welcome to the forum Bambi, they are a great lot of folks who contribute to it and you can feel free to discuss just about anything or any product of your choosing here so relax and enjoy it , i look forward to your input also do feel free to ask any questions and just have a great time cheers terry
Mark : Oh wow! Good to know the pheromones I have still aren't expired *whew*
, It would be such a shame if they were.
And thanks for the wonderful welcome guys! I'm sure i'll enjoy my stay here. Smile
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