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I have read so many reports about depression from A-1. I have not experienced any depression from it.

However, Pregnenolone on the other hand...whoo boy. This stuff puts me into a drugged out sleep. I know if I ever need to sleep, this stuff will do it for me! So I know that the lethargy/depression thing is real.

I bought it for the exact opposite effect. What I had read was that it puts everybody in a good mood around you including you! It sounded fun. So far it has not been. It really does work as a strong sedative for me.

I bought the 30mcg/spray from PXS. I had high hopes for this stuff. Thinking spray and go and everyone around will be elevated in mood. I have kind of just shelved it for now.

This is lethargy in a bottle for me.
A very recent and useful paper on PREG. Very interesting from a pheromone/aerosol perspective. It describes researches on the receptor and biomolecular activities esp. in the brain. I'm fairly certain those effects are achieved by inahalation as well.
And, while on it, of concern for people suffering from asthma - an inhaled glucocorticoid (a common one) decreased serum Dhea-s, possibly indicating adrenocrotical (!) suppression.
Why do you say the same effects are achieved by inhalation?
(12-28-2015 8:53 AM)NP17 Wrote: [ -> ]Why do you say the same effects are achieved by inhalation?

Preg will enter the body through olfaction just as well.
thanks for the information Smile
I've got pregnenolone in dissolvable tablets. What type of gel could I dissolve them in to make my own mixture, since every time I see an ad for a gel phero, they claim that it lasts longer than alcohol based Pheromones. Maybe I'll use skin lotion. Or should I just grab some 96% alcohol and go with that?
You know what, I'm just gonna get the alcohol and dump it and the tablets into a sprayer and just go to town with it tomorrow at work. I'll be back.
(12-13-2015 9:23 PM)HappyGoSkillfully Wrote: [ -> ]This is lethargy in a bottle for me.

That's odd. Do you have ADHD or sleep issues?
I just read an article that had pregenenolone and allopregnonolone in it and spoke to them being usefull in emotions.
Here is an article about intranasal administration of Pregnenolone and Progesterone and the effects. It is awesome.
Brain distribution and behavioral effects of progesterone and pregnenolone after intranasal or intravenous administration.

Neurosteroids hold great promise for the treatment of diseases of the central nervous system (CNS). We compared the uptake by 11 brain regions and appearance in blood of tritium-labeled pregnenolone and progesterone after intranasal and intravenous (IV) injection. Both neurosteroids appeared in blood and brain after either method of administration, but with important differences in uptake. Bioavailability based on appearance in arterial serum showed that about 23% and 14% of the intranasal administered doses of pregnenolone and progesterone, respectively, entered the blood. Brain levels were about two fold lower after intranasal administration for the two neurosteroids. With intranasal administration, brain levels of the two steroids did not vary over time (2-120 min), whereas brain levels were higher early (10 min or less) after i.v. administration. With i.v. administration, uptake by brain regions did not vary, whereas the olfactory bulb, hippocampus, and hypothalamus had high uptake rates after intranasal administration. Intranasal administration of prenenolone improved memory, whereas progesterone decreased anxiety, thus demonstrating that therapeutic levels of neurosteroids can be delivered to the brain by intranasal administration. The neurosteroids were rapidly degraded after i.v. or intranasal delivery, but pregnenolone was more resistant to degradation in the brain after intranasal administration and in serum after i.v. administration. These results show that either the i.v. or intranasal routes of administration can deliver neurosteroids to blood and brain, but that the two routes have significant differences with intranasal administration favoring some brain regions.

I realize that these are measured levels of serum/blood and not conducted as pheromone studies, but they are useful in illustrating how powerful pregnenolone is.

They used fMRI scans in the research and showed that activity in the brain was modulated, specifically in the Amygdala!
Allopregnanolone Elevations Following Pregnenolone Administration are Associated with Enhanced Activation of Emotion Regulation Neurocircuits

these speak to the role of pregnenolone and progesterone with respect to anxiety and depression
Serum concentrations of some neuroactive steroids in women suffering from mixed anxiety-depressive disorder.

Low pregnenolone sulphate plasma concentrations in patients with generalized social phobia.
Concentrations of pregnenolone sulphate were significantly lower in patients with generalized social phobia than in healthy controls. No statistically significant differences were found for the concentrations of allopregnanolone and dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate in plasma.

These results are particularly interesting since we also observed lower pregnenolone sulphate concentrations in male patients suffering from generalized anxiety disorder. Their relevance to the pathophysiology of social anxiety disorder remains to be determined.

Neuroactive steroid levels in patients with generalized anxiety disorder.

Serum levels of allopregnanolone, pregnenolone sulfate, and dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate were measured in 8 male patients with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and 8 healthy control subjects. Results suggest that patients with GAD have significantly lower levels of pregnenolone sulfate than control subjects.
(02-07-2017 10:32 PM)Muad'Dib Wrote: [ -> ]You know what, I'm just gonna get the alcohol and dump it and the tablets into a sprayer and just go to town with it tomorrow at work. I'll be back.

I can only get 91% isopropyl alcohol at the store at best, will that work fine, or could I use the denatured alcohol that walmart sells, or should I go to a liquor store and get a high grade alcohol there to make my pregnenolone mixture?
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