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tacitus Wrote:This is top secret so don't tell anyone
I got a nice potency boost by adding in a reasonable amount of Pregnenolone (micronized powder)... well, was it a reasonable amount ? One miiligram is 1000 mu so maybe I was getting 250 mu per application over a couple of days... the mix was on the complex side, primarily beta -nol , some TAL , some more TAA , and Androstadienone.... and the preg... people reacted crisply, rapidly, like a brain switch went click and they warped into very social behavior. Beautiful girl had dinner with me, blowing off a much younger guy who thought he had hooked her for the evening.... left him standing there with his mouth hanging open.... a couple of dykes started acting very dykey-turfy giving a younger guy a hard time about his behavior (ok with me, he was a mindless jerk that didn't get that he was a mindless jerk... albeit a nice pleasant badly socialized jerk)... was it the -Androstadienone plus the TAL that hit the dyke power button ? Older gal spontaneously asks me to go to lunch with her, never met her before, didn't know her name.... she wasn't as intertesting as I had hoped, oh well....
Gotta love Tacitus. 250mcg is "a reasonable amount" Shok
I take energy stimulants a hour before my workout routines in the morning.
Normally these stimulants would cause me to have some uncomfortable anxiety.

The past two days, I've applied 60 Mcg of Neno 30 minutes after taking the supplement.
I noticed that I can feel the same feeling of the stimulant affecting me, but no anxiety. My concentration peaks during my workouts, my mind is clear, and I felt good after.

I also noticed that I did not experience a crash after such dosage due to the caffeine and other ingredients in the blend.

I will test this out for the next couple of days and the last day omit the Neno from the routine.
How similar is neno to p109? I was reading reports on p109 and some sound like neno.
(12-20-2011 2:40 AM)fuzzcat Wrote: [ -> ]How similar is neno to p109? I was reading reports on p109 and some sound like neno.

definately ... not P109 ...

What is the difference? I am thinking of getting p109.
(12-20-2011 3:48 PM)fuzzcat Wrote: [ -> ]What is the difference? I am thinking of getting p109.

Edit ... thought it was P119 ...

but it's not Pregnenolone

(12-20-2011 7:11 AM)Pagodeiro Wrote: [ -> ]definately ... not P109 ...


All these reports on Pregnenolone make it sound like TAA is definately part of the same camp. I just thought about Cortisol as a phero.... maybe one of the two is taa?!?!?! O_o
Here's my take: A few people, myself included, have gotten really good effects mixing pregnenolone with various GABA-A agonists like Alpha Androstenol. I think the science backs up this kind of mix. Neno seems to antagonize both the NMDA receptor and also the GABA-A receptor. So increasing GABA-A (i.e. Alpha Androstenol or B-androstadienol) evens out the mix.

Antagonizing the NMDA receptor, as neno does, promotes calm and relaxation. (drugs that antagonize NMDA powerfully are considered disassociatives, but we don't get anywhere NEAR that level.)

Also, while I admittedly don't understand the mechanism for the following, I thought it was worth reposting.

Quote:In medical settings, NMDA receptor antagonists are used as anesthetics, so GABA-A receptor agonists are used to effectively prevent any neurotoxicity caused by them.

Part of my concern is that neno as a supplement has anti-inflammatory properties (possibly because of its' NMDA receptor antagonism.) Often times, anti-inflammatories are also immune system suppressants or immunomodulators. Even widely considered "safe" anti-inflammatories like fish oil can allow the proliferation of certain viruses.

Fish Oil-Fed Mice Have Impaired Resistance to Influenza Infection

Fish oil works by a TOTALLY different mechanism than neno, of course. I'm just trying to explain why I'm curious about the possible immunosuppressive effects of neno. I've only had two or three hours to look into this so far, so alternative evidence is welcome.

It's hard to prove something safe, of course, as opposed to simply failing to demonstrate certain types of harm.

... it's late. I'm just going to post this as-is and get to sleep...
Wow wiserd. Very nice insights about the neno although I don't get the science part lol.

Repped and thanked! Please keep posting!
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