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I mentioned in another thread that pregnenalone turns out to be readily available from supplement manufacturers, so I ordered some that I will dilute and test as a pheromone. I'll report my results in this thread. For now, here's everything this forum has to offer on pregnenolone:

Snoopyace tested pregnenolone last year and reported that it produced feelings of happiness, giddiness, and flirtiness in himself and those around him. Reminded him most of the AD putative P93, although unlike P93 pregnenolone did not seem to produce any negative reactions at doses up to 70mcg. He also reported:

Quote:Both times I've worn this (today is the second time) I've felt a bit more upbeat, happy. I know this sounds contradictory but at the same time I'm feeling happy, I also feel more relaxed and focused. Discovered that I wasn't as worried about holding my tongue when I wanted to say something. I would be more likely to say what I felt but do it in a funny way. I want to get up and do something productive. I have noticed that the effects increased a little from two sprays to one.

The two people I've interacted with today seemed to really go with my funny vibe. After being around me for a few minutes they both started to lighten up a little. Not sure if it was the Pheromones or if they were just picking up on my good mood.

I really like this particular molecule. Even at just 2mcg per spray I seem to be getting some effects from it. I am going to try 3mcg per spray next time and make sure to interact with other people more to judge their reactions.

Quote:Pregnenolone at 5mcg made me rather giddy and goofy feeling. I was in a decent mood to begin with so that could have affected how I reacted. I also had some issues where my brain and my vocal cords weren't on the same wavelength. I found that at this dose I started having some issues where I was thinking one thing but my mouth would say something completely different. It was as if their was a disconnect there. Very strange. Gonna try it again and see what happens as far as if it was just a one time thing or if it is more consistant. This definitely elevates my mood, regardless of whatever else it may do.

It also seems to insulate me somewhat from things that would normally really irritate me. Detachment is the word I want to use. I noticed this the day I wore 4 sprays as well. At least for me 4-5mcg seems to start causing me to be more detached, but also cheerful. Instead of getting upset over the images I was seeing out of Haiti yesterday it didn't really bother me. I know that help is there and that was enough. On to my own issues.

Diane, who has used pregnenolone in her mixes in the past and likely the present, explains:

Quote:Technically, Pregnenolone is a prohormone which has no hormone activity in and of itself. It goes through steriogenesis in the tissues to form progesterone, or it can go through several steps to become DHEA and further steps to become testosterone.

In the brain Pregnenolone is strictly a neurosteroid which is found in very high amounts in certain parts of the brain, where it serves in memory formation and retrieval, and motivation.

As a pheromone, the effects are still being discovered. It is definitely a pheromone and is excreted in both sweat and urine. At low concentrations it has mood elevating properties. It has no anti-anxiety or anti-stress effects at any concentration. In higher concentrations it can become euphoric, but never sedating or calming. At even higher concentrations it has motivational qualities, but it can also interfere with sleep, cause agitation, and cause visual disturbances.

She also has this to say:

Quote:Pregnenolone makes me brighten up considerably and see things in a much improved light. It also makes me feel good physically. It is the most effective mood elevating molecule I've found so far.

And this:

Quote:Some of these pheromone putatives block the effects of others. Pregnenolone blocks Allopregnanolone, for example. It probably affects and attenuates many of the known positive GABA A modulators.

Terry0400-40 reported positive results with a mix containing pregnenolone, Androstanone, Androstadienone , and Scent of Eros .
Today I wore Pregnenolone solo at 50mcgs, fixed with FCO & monolaurin.

I like the way this makes me feel. It's similar to DHEA but less energizing and somewhat more uplifting. I found myself speaking slowly and evenly, enjoying the feeling of the words coming out of my mouth and not feeling caught up in thinking about what I was going to say next. I felt friendly and inquisitive.

People seemed open to me and happy to have me in their presence. Eye contact came easily, and people smiled at me more than usual. A woman in the elevator struck up a conversation with me that lasted out onto the street for a block, until we turned in different directions -- she told me two or three times how nice and approachable I seemed, and how easy I was to talk to.

Loving this stuff Smile
One of the few molecules I've ever tried that could very well be a standalone product.
By the way, my dosages on these tests is likely to be waaay off from solutions fixed with 10% DPG. Monolaurin seems to make these sprays last for 10-12 hours, but you need a much higher dosage.

Anyone else have any experience using monolaurin as a fixative? What have been your experiences with it's effects on dosage and duration?
Its interesting to note that pregnenolone is a GABA-a receptor antagonist, as is DHEAS. It increases neurogenesis in the hippocampus, which is incidentally the area of brain thought primarily responsible for the activity of pheromones. Neurogenesis is the slow growth of brain neurons, so wearing this everyday may qualify this substance as a slow acting positive modulator of pheromone response and effect. Jvk, I welcome your input here...
As well, due to it's positive effect on the hippocampus, I would be very interested to see of what happens when this is used in concert with other pheromone substances. DHEAS, in of itself, is unremarkable. The true magic presents itself when used in concert with other pheromones.
DHEAS is one I still have waiting patiently in a test sprayer. There are a few! Pioneer

When I'm testing a new molecule I always have to test it in a few different configurations before I really get it. First on its own, then paired individually with a couple other molecules, then paired up with a familiar mix or two.

Once I test pregnenolone on its own a few more times at various dosages, I'll start mixing it and report my experiences. At this point I feel confident saying this one is definitely worth playing with, especially considering how cheap and accessible it is.
Day 2 at 50mcg:

I didn't get out much today, but the foreign cleaning ladies in the building's laundry room looked at me like I was a movie star. Everybody I came in contact with gave me a really positive attitude, and I also felt very upbeat for most of the day. Early on I got mad at my wife over something dumb, but it was hard to stay mad for very long. I also noticed that I was feeling quite motivated, and ended up getting a lot done.
Quote:I also noticed that I was feeling quite motivated, and ended up getting a lot done.

Since GABA has an inhibiting effect (most cns depressants bind to gaba receptors), usually compounds which act as antagonists at GABA receptors have a stimulatory effect. Although, I am not sure if the dose of pregnenolone used here is sufficient to cause this effect.
Notes from breakfast out with 62.5 mcg of pregnenolone:

It's a rainy day, but I felt positive and motivated regardless of this and started making plans for the day. After some coffee I became unusually talkative, and enjoyed the feeling. I've noticed that the effects of both caffeine and alcohol seem to be somewhat exaggerated when wearing pregnenolone.

My girl was up late studying and so woke up tired and a little cranky, but within a half hour got relaxed and flirty.

The waitress was waaay cheerful with us, but did kind of seem that way with everyone.

The doorman at my building got into telling me about the iPad he bought for his son's birthday. I chat with this doorman here and there, but today he wanted to come in closer for a rousing chat, and seemed to enjoy talking with me.

There's something very friendly, likable, and uplifting about this pheromone.
I'm totally hooked on this stuff, guys. Man in love

The self-effects and other-effects are so dead-on for me that most of my other pheromone experiences pale in comparison. I can't believe it's only a single molecule doing all this. I feel happy, other people feel happy to be around me. Last night I pushed the dosage up. I think about 75mcg is the upper limit before the effects get a little overstimulating.

But wait, it gets better:

Today I decided to spray on 50mcg of pregnenolone along with a single spray of my beach mix (12.5 each Androsterone:Alpha Androstenol:Beta Androstenol).

Woah!! I couldn't believe how happy everybody was to be talking with me. I've never experienced anything this consistent before. Literally every person I came in contact with seemed like they were just overjoyed to be able to speak with me. Clerks, neighbors. People I didn't talk to looked at me with respect and admiration. I felt like hot stuff!

I rode on a crowded train while two big thugs in front of me averted their eyes and gave me plenty of room, meanwhile a lady behind me is softly and sweetly rubbing herself against me in rhythm with the train.

I like pregnenolone so much I'm bringing a sprayer of it with me on vacation for the next week Party2
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