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Full Version: Max Attraction Gold?
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has anyone tried this out yet ?
(02-21-2011 5:29 AM)Pheroman Wrote: [ -> ]Not really, only used some once going shopping. Not enough to report on.

Still not tested?
So many products.... it's just that the women i am chasing respond well to a few products i been using around them for a while now, when you know *** works its kinda hard to change.
As they say "better a bird in the hand than a bird in the bush"
although "better a hand in the bush..." may be more applicable :wink2:
I'll give it a try soon just to get a feel of it. I bought max attraction about a year ago, but when I moved I stored in a box where I put all my untried Pheromones and never tested it. I'm sure it's still good since it was stored in a nice box in my closet. Do you think it's safe to use for class or should I wait until the weekend to try it?
I've been using certo as my every day mix and I put a short review of it in the certo section. I enjoy it quite a bit, but thankfully I ordered two bottles of it when I first got it so I still have about half a bottle of it left. I'll probably be buying more in a couple of months.
Hmm maybe a good combination could be a bit of max attraction and a spray or two of certo...Spiced Certo?
I bought MAG a few months ago and used it for a few weeks. Too me it felt like a very -none heavy product and whatever buffering agents were added were not enough to buffer the -none as I was oding on 3 sparys. In contrast New Pheromone Additive (4:1) mix @ 4 sprays brings me the most blatant hits That I have ever seen.

Hits wise nothing major, just a few Deer in the headlights looks. For me it's an expesive product at $69.95 when you can use better products at this price range.
Do you guys know that blog? It's pretty good, as far as i can tell.

He rates MAG second and Alfa Maschio fifth out of lots of pheromone sprays, though in fact it's the same P So when the AM formula changed, the MAG formula changed as well, hmm. Anyways, already ordered AM. <<< Affiliated Blog. The guy gets paid to write gud reviews.
Maybe the problem is it's high concentration, although the recommendation is one spray we may have all used too much.
TOTAL WASTE OF $$$$$$$. I bought it went through it. Called them they said pheromones just don't work for some people. Now the garentee says 100% for 60 days I believe. They give you the return address and tell you as long as it is the same solution only after their lab checks it out will you get a refund. This is not mentioned at all on the web page. I will be returning the unused portion today and will give the details. End results. NOT happy.When they honor the refund I'll be satisfied. I am going to print out what the garentee stated on the web site and include it in the box and mail it with received confirmation from UPS.Nea
Maybe you should post how and when you used it and someone can try and help
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