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Full Version: Favorite scents, ladies?
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Women of the forum, your attention please:

So, for a while now, I've been considering getting my "girlfriend" (it's not official at the moment due to things that happened in the past that make it inappropriate at the current time, but we are essentially together) a nice perfume for a while now. She knows that I love scents and have a lot of colognes and perfumes, and she recently wanted to smell them. The next day, she said she wanted to get a nice, "real" perfume for herself, as up to this point, she has been wearing cheap perfumes and body sprays which, while sometimes nice, simply lack the balance and complexity of a great scent. We both love Michael Storer's Kadota (green leaf, jammy fig, musk, tonka, date, sandalwood) which is delectable creamy fig scent that drives me wild. She also quite liked Storer's Stefanie (recreation of gardenia headspace) and Yvette (gourmand scent with vanilla, white chocolate, tarragon, and others). So, I was considering getting one of those, but first I just wanted to ask if you have any suggestions?
Pink Sugar by Aqualina

Tiffany by Tiffany

Tea rose by Perfumers Workshop.

these are three of my favorites.
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