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Full Version: Blind Molecule Testing Project
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We are in the process of putting together a pheromone molecule testing program with Chris Shraud from Alpha-Dream, which we should be ready to start in the next week or two, and are looking for experienced pheromone users to participate.

For our first round of testing we will probably start out with 10 testers and 3 molecules, and if all goes well we will continue the testing program with additional testers and molecules.

This will be true blind testing: testers will not know the names of molecules, nor will they be able to see other testers reports until testing for each molecule is concluded, and we have arrived at a general consensus of what each molecule does.

Members not involved in the testing will not be able to view any reports until the results are released, at which time the names of the molecules and reported results of each molecule will be be revealed to all.

Testing in this manner should allow us to achieve more accurate reporting and avoid the chain reactions and placebo effects that are seen repeatedly on another forum. Whistle3

Testers will be required to purchase the molecules, but the cost will be minimal.

If you are interested in being considered for participation, please respond in the poll above or send us a PM.
They should be paying us!

Even over at PT, I never ever paid hard earned money for test molecules, I would use points. Or not get them at all.

As I'm sure you know, proper testing is work. You need to be extra vigilant, take good notes, as well as giving up good social opportunities when you could be using a known product that you know gives great results, to some random thing that may well backfire and make you have a lousy time even.

How much do they charge us for the privelege of testing their unknowns anyway? And what are the testing parameters/rules?
If you ever bought any putative or MX over at Androtics then you were paying to test, and to test a product that you would never know what you were testing.

I know, I've spent thousands of dollars over there, only to end up with stuff that I'll never have a clue on what they were, or where else I might have been able to get them from, when they decided to stop selling them.

The molecules to be tested are not unknowns, Chris knows what they are and uses them in his own mixes and those that he makes for other pheromone companies.

We're not going to be testing a bunch of unknowns and helping a company to sort through what works and what doesn't. We're looking to attach real results and effects to the molecules, instead a bunch of market hype, and hoping that in the process we may discover the real names of some of the molecules that many of us have been already been using.

This is something we've wanted to do since first starting the forum, and our thoughts were that it would be a way for members to really get a grip on what molecules do what, without having to rely on what some company tells them, or reports that are tainted because everybody knows what everybody else is reporting and claiming.

Nothing is set in stone yet, as he is still deciding on which pheromones to include and would be of the most interest to people. But, he did mention the price would be very minimal.

As to testing rules and parameters, that's why we asked for experienced users, because they already know how to test and report.
Can you give a more specific description of "testing"?
Wow cool .... the old times come back .. this reminds me of the tests over at Love Scent that happened many years past !

Chime me in and i'm sure that JohnnyHard and Petrucci77 (aka Bubblebob) are ready to paritcipate as well !Buba

I would be very pleased to be in the team Big Grin
(10-29-2010 8:12 PM)Pheroman Wrote: [ -> ]Can you give a more specific description of "testing"?

Testing will not be regimented, per se. We'll be looking for the same kind of reporting that members are used to from pherotalk, but once the testing is complete we will release the actual molecule names.

Several differences though:

1. Testers will not be able to see other testers reports until testing for each molecule is complete.

2. We'll not be testing anything that Chris doesn't already have and use in his mixes, or mixes that he forumulates for other companies. One exception to that could possibly be down the road in some later testing, as he has a completely new molecule that he want to synthesize, but its quite costly and he is trying to gather funds needed to cover the cost of developing it.

3. We will read through the reports and try to put together a general consensus of reported effects, then label the effects for each molecule and make them available to everyone.

4. Testers will be asked to post in the threads for each molecule, but instead of making 5 or 10 posts, we'll ask them to add to and edit just a single post, to make the reporting easier for us to follow and develop a final report

What we are looking for are dosages used (which we will suggest for each molecule), what effects were noticed (Iincluding self-effects), at what range, and over what period of time.
Hopefully the sample size will be a decent amount. Over at PT, I sometimes feel that those to-go bottles went too quickly - in fact, though I've never counted them, I don't think they actually hold 40 sprays. Well, maybe they do, if you don't push your finger all the way down on the sprayer. Because also, occasionally, I'll apply something, thinking I'll be around people, like at work, occasionally its very slow, and I feel as though I've wasted product.
We haven't discussed testing sizes yet, but even if they are only 5 ml I believe they will be high in pheromone content and require less sprays.

As to Androtics bottles and the number of sprays per bottle, they are correct. I've checked both, in response to somebody that hated Androtics claiming that they were full of shit on the volume per spray and number of sprays per bottle, and if memory serves me correctly, I got between 37 and 42 sprays out of the 5 ml bottles, and right at 200 sprays out of the 30 ml, plus or minus a few.
I just thought of something, and that is, does gender matter? Because often products are geared specifically towards males, or females. Or will female tester get a female product, and males a male one?
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