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Full Version: Early Discovery of Masterbation Leads to Higher Sex Drive????
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Does anyone think this might be true? In conversation this weekend, a girl I met brought up how much she loves, and has to have sex. She continued to say she had discovered masterbation at a very early age and since then has always had high sex drive. Do you think that the early discovery of masterbation leads to a heightened sex drive in our adult years? Im not trying to be creepy, I just think its worth discussing.
I'm not sure, but to me, there seems to be an equally likely possibility that early discovery of masturbation might originate from a higher sex drive. It may not necessarily be the case that early masturbation leads to the development of a higher sex drive.

Personally, I remember that I discovered masturbation before I was even dating girls. Hell, this is before I even started kissing girls. But I don't think that it lead to a higher than average sex drive. For me, I'm good to go 1-2 times a day, every day. Some guys I hear want it 3-4 times a day. Others, only 2-3 times a week.

One thing I could see leading to a higher sex drive (or at least, behavior that would appear to be resulting from a higher sex drive) is masturbation as a stress reliever. When I was younger, I didn't know about alcohol or weed, so if I got really frustrated, it was either go outside and play some rough sports or go inside and give myself some love. Eventually, under times of stress, such an individual may rely on masturbation/sexual release due to conditioning. If someone is highly stressed, they may masturbate/have sex frequently in order to relieve the stress. This could appear to be a high sex drive to others.
@JesseJester: Certainly could have a lot of truth to it. But it could also be the case that a high sex drive triggered the early discovery of masturbation ("hey, that felt good.. maybe i should try more!").

My ex-girlfriend discovered masturbation when she was FIVE years old, and holy hell she had a high sex drive... I wouldn't be able to tolerate that anymore after her.
I think it has more to do with hormones & other variables like self exploration (which is normal for little ones). If a sexually mature female has a higher sex drive, it's probably due to higher levels of testosterone in her system. Sexually immature masturbatory behavior likely falls into the categories of A) kids being kids (male or female), & B) if it's excessive, then it falls into behaviors of people addicted to actions that hit the reward centers of the brain like eating chocolate, playing video games, etc.
IDK my 4 yr. old boy walks around the house holding his penis, as if he's afraid it will disappear if he lets his hand off for even a second, lmao.
ETA: High sex drive in adults can also fall into the addiction category as well. so maybe sex is just her drug of choice.
No wonder I'm so damn horny! drool lol Big Grin:
If you don't use it you lose it. I've read in the past studies have been done hat regular sex makes you healthier. Apparently, when you don't have regular sex, the sexual reproduction of semen is lowered as the body doesn't see it being used. This may not be the overall reason, but it is surely a defining factor. I find once I get the ball rolling I am more sexual more often. Then when I get too busy working and go without for a bit then I am slightly less sexual.
I discovered masturbation when I was REALLY young,like txi0m's girl I discovered it when I was 4/5... But I don't think it "gave" me a higher sex drive I just think that my sex drive was already higher. However I do believe that early discovery of masturbation can lead to other situations. For example my first time having sex I never reached orgasm or ejaculation after I and my girlfriend (at the time) became more experienced with each other, I still wouldn't reach those heights. I thought something was wrong with me but as it would turn out my early discovery and chronic masturbation had lower my sensitivity. What's funny is that now whenever I have a sexual partner my stamina (which is pretty high) gets all the credit, little does she know it just means I've loved myself a lot in the past!! The ladies like it so I guess I can't complain! LOL Hope I contributed!
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