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Full Version: Shipping at Luv Essentials
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Just took a look at the Luv Essentials Web Site and their products seem to be cool stuff ..


after looking at what they charge for international shipping i've been totally shocked

33 Bucks for shipping ....

sorry guys that's definately way too much !

Whew that is a bit steep for shipping. Its probably because USPS cant ship certain liquids overseas due to federal aviation rules which are getting stricker and stricker on this. All of the postal service mail go's over in the belly of commercial airlines. Fedex has there own fleet but you pay the price for that.

I bought Scent of Eros from them. And yes, the shipping cost was high (to Norway). But it was sent with Air Express. I actually had it after only four days from i made the order. And for me that is amazing as i live in a rather isolated town and have experinced slower delivering just for getting mail to other places in the own region.
And another good thing is the value of US$ being so low. So for me 30$ isnt realy much compared to only a few years ago. Its only as i could have bought an extra bottle for the same price as i could back in 2007.
But of course, that goes to any US companies. Yahoo
That's interesting thing ...

it's the Scent of Eros with the new labels and directly from JV Kohl , have you had Scent of Eros before ?

let us know how are things going ...

This is the first time i used Scent of Eros . I was actually using Passion, but found most girl reacting shy or intimidated. I heared Scent of Eros would be good as an ice breaker. So i ordered one bottle scented and one unscented. I never been much fan of the Musk scent. Its ok for a while, but i think it become a little intense after using it for hours.
For me, using a mix of both Passion and Scent of Eros gave many great results. And actually i find good results from using Scent of Eros all alone. When using Passion, i had more unpredictable results as i never would know who i would see effect from or not. So the last week i have only used Scent of Eros at work. With Scent of Eros it became very predictable and in particular with women. I constantly know, adding this on me will make a relaxed atmosphere and making them easier to talk with. Some also get a better mood. I see the best results from women being natural shy and reserved, they dont only become more social against me but in general. It could almost look as if Scent of Eros was some kind of medicine for them. Some times i found them also following me, and if it was not for Scent of Eros i would have found it a little creepy.
However, sometimes i see the best results only the first hour.

What i like best about Scent of Eros is actually its self-effect it gives. It gives me a good mood lift, and after adding it on me, i often find myself wanting to smile for no good reason. And its not only other who becomes more social, also i feel good about talking to others.
The downside about Scent of Eros : I wanted to test Scent of Eros to see how well its working by staying normal as usual against people. But its so hard because of the self effect it gives me. So i actually dont know if people are more social towards me because the effect from Scent of Eros or because i am more social towards them compared to usual.
Another downside are the scent. I can see other likes it well, but for me its to intense, and actually always reminds me of my old school teacher who always used musk pherfume.
Our charge for Express Mail International is what we pay the Us Postal Service for shipping, plus a nominal handling fee for international documentation. The reason we use EMI is because it can be tracked, and if the order is not delivered to the customer overseas we immediately ship a replacement. We could ship by Air Mail - cost for Priority Mail International is about the same as EMI - but that service can not be tracked and we would not be able to assume responsibility for its delivery. We admit the charge is on the high side, but in exchange our customers receive prompt and guarantee deliveries. If a customer places an order and ask us to ship it by Air Mail, we will do it and will reimburse him/her for the difference in the shipping cost, but will not be able to guarantee its delivery.
Thank you for allowing us to comment on this issue.
Augie L.
LuvEssentials' Customer Care Team
What i don t get is why gerry at alchemy labs ships world wide for two bucks and others charge 30 bucks. You can put more options,
option 1 fast 30 bucks
option 2 slow 2 bucks

By the way Scent of Eros and MAG did nt work well for me.
(03-04-2012 2:56 PM)moneshits123 Wrote: [ -> ]What i don t get is why gerry at alchemy labs ships world wide for two bucks and others charge 30 bucks. You can put more options,
option 1 fast 30 bucks
option 2 slow 2 bucks

By the way Scent of Eros and MAG did nt work well for me.

Garry is also an awesome guy. You can send him a detailed email, and his response will be extensively more detailed, including asking you for more information so that he can provide you with the most appropriate product. No disrespect to any other vendors, but i have found that Garry will almost try to talk you out of buying excess products.

For example, in a recent email that i had sent him, i asked him about a few different products, one being Hypnotica. I was forthright with him that i already had numerous 'Socials' on hand. He did suggest 1 product of his after suggesting that i stay on track with AV, that i already had. He did help me in choosing 1 product.More importantly, he suggested that I continue testing with my current 'Socials' as opposed to purchasing more.

Garry is a very impressive guy.
couldn't agree more with you on jerry he is a very honest guy but when i told him av didn't work he offered me a refund immediately and wasn't sure if any of his other products would help me, anyone has similar exp with av or would like to suggest something different plz bare in mind av even in high quantities didn't even give me od, i mean even a bad reaction shows the product works for you but i didn't even get that.
So, I just registered how do I take advantage of the 70% off of any Luv Essential product as advertised here? I have not received any further info once I registered.
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