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Full Version: "25 Scientifically Proven Ways to Make Yourself Smarter"
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(05-05-2010 6:24 PM)Tara Miller of Wrote:Almost everyone would love to take advantage of ways to boost their brain power and become smarter, no matter how smart they already are.

Website's link.
That's a fantastic link, thank you ! I've started working on Dual n-back exercises... Dash1

I can get 100% on the Dual-1-Back difficulty, but at Dual-2-Back, 40 - 50% is barely manageable...

I sincerely hope more people take advantage of this !
Good info! I'm surprised "Read a Book" wasn't listed...LOL!

Also, They didnt mention which Vitamin B...All? Certain ones? Some B vitamins have shown to cause neuropathy at higher doses, and Fish oil, Vitamin E, Gingko, and Ginseng can increase the risk of bleeding/hemorrhage in some people...So, When choosing these supplements, make sure the company follows Good Manufacturing Processes, and look for Quality Assurance seals...after all, dietary supplements aren't truly regulated for quality, or even 'tested' rigorously.

I'm pro-supplements/vitamins/life style changes by the way...I just hate when very unhealthy people, on many prescription medications, decide on their own (without professional advice) to take several supplements, which cause side effects, and interactions with their prescriptions, causing more harm than help. Stay informed people! Smile
I'll be keeping a lookout for more on this thread. Should make interesting dialogue even if it does nothing else.
For anyone who is interested, try using Nootropics like Piracetam, Aniracetam, Pramiracetam. They are all GABA derivatives that has been proven to increase bloodflow to the Corpus Collosum of your Brain (Area of the brain that bridges the left and right hemisphere). As a result, your cognitive functions will improve dramatically. I can personally attest to the intelligence enhancing effects that these "smart drugs" give.
Fwiw dietary supplements in Germany are pretty heavily regulated, are of good quality, and not especially expensive vs Boots and the like.
(03-16-2012 3:44 PM)Pheroquirk Wrote: [ -> ]Fwiw dietary supplements in Germany are pretty heavily regulated, are of good quality, and not especially expensive vs Boots and the like.

A few countries outside the US has good herbal regulations. Unfortunately the US is lacking in this department. They have little ways to help improve quality, but they arent really regulated, and most US consumers dont know how to evaluate a company to determine if they are quality suppliers or not. Which is sad because they are easily accessible.
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