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Full Version: Member Posting Policy
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PheroTruth is an open and uncensored forum, where members are free to discuss and report on anything they want, as long as its legal and is not intended to hurt, attack, provoke or offend anybody.

We will never censor a post for content, spelling or grammar, and we will never delete a post for mentioning a legitimate product or seeking information on a product. The exception to these rules are posts that are made with the intent of highjhacking a thread or that do not contribute to the spirit of the thread and are made solely for promotional or self serving purposes.

The only cause for censorship in this forum is making slanderous, liable or derogatory statements toward ANY individual, and abusive or offensive behavior. This may result in the thread or post being deleted and the offending member receiving a warning, or in severe cases being outright banned from the forum.

And, while any forum does require a certain amount of moderation, we promise to keep the level of moderation to an absolute minimum. Moderating only as necessary to keep the harmony of the forum true.

As long as you are courteous and respectful of other members and not spamming the forum, you are free to post on or about anything, without fear of censorship, moderation or reprisals

And, on a personal level, the same openness and non-censorship holds true for the administrators of this forum. Any individual opinions or statements expressed by an administrator of this forum and posted under their own username is their personal opinion only, and does not reflect the attitude or opinion of the forum administration. All forum decisions, opinions, or statements, will always be posted as The Forum Staff.

We do not allow links to be posted to affiliate websites, nor do we allow affiliate links to be placed in member signatures or on their profile pages.

In an effort to protect our members and guests from harmful trojans and viruses, and to prevent spam, we will no longer allow threads to be posted that have only website links, with no descriptive information in the message body. We realize that none of our members would intentionally cause harm to any person visiting PheroTruth, but there is the probability it will occur if we continue to allow threads to be posted that contain only website links. By continuing to allow it we are sending out signals to those who would cause harm, that they are welcome to register and post, and exploit our members to promote their business or enterprise on PheroTruth.

Intentionally posting links in forums to trojans, viruses, and other malicious applications is common practice among spammers and others with ill intent. So, we've decided that it's better to be pre-emptive and protect our members and guests from harm rather than attempting to deal with damages done after such an attack.

We ask that members posting links to websites please include a brief description of what the link contains. Rather than write a description, if you prefer to copy and paste the first paragraph of text from the article that will suffice. In doing so you help us to insure that the forum remains as safe as possible from these attacks.

In most instances, an infraction of this policy will only result in a gentle reminder from an administrator by PM with a link to this thread requesting that they add a description of/to the link they've posted. It's not our policy to censor members. However, because of the potential harm links of this nature can do we are instituting this policy in the best interest of the forum as a whole and with the security and safety of our members in mind.

We also ask that if anyone notices links or posts that look suspicious to please notify one of the Administrators or shout out about it in the forum. We do our very best to keep the forum safe for everyone, but as always appreciate a heads up from our members!

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,

Your Forum Staff
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