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Full Version: If This Doesn't Scare The Shit Out Of You!
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We've been hearing for weeks about the BP oil spill in the gulf and have watched the estimates on the amount leaking keep going up. All the talk has been centered around the amount of oil leaking, without a lot of weight put on natural gas, yet the amount of natural gas is around 40%.

Here's a quote from on the amount of natural gas leaking into the Gulf, based on oil leaking at only 5,000 barrles per day:
Quote:I realized that if 5,000 bbl/day of oil are now being collected at the surface along with 15 million cubic feet per day of natural gas being flared, then roughly that same ratio of gas to oil should apply to the fluid we see coming out of the well, adjusted for the effects of depth. Under 5,000 feet of seawater with a pressure gradient of 0.445 psi/foot, that gas will behave differently and take up a much smaller, but still not insignificant volume. At this point in my logic some dormant engineering brain cells sprang to life and I started figuring out the volume that the gas being measured at the drill-ship, at atmospheric pressure and temperature, would occupy at 2,225 psi and a degree or two above freezing, using standard pressure-volume-temperature relationships. My back-of-the-envelope calculation indicates that this amount of natural gas would equate to 16,600 barrels per day (of compressed gas , not oil) at the depth of the broken well and riser: in other words, a higher apparent volume than the oil that accompanied it to the surface through BP's "straw".

Then there's this article on Gulf oil full of methane, adding new concerns

And here's your doomsday scenario:

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And an interview with a guy named Richard Hoagland on Coast To Coast Radio from June 14th

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