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Full Version: Chemical Analysis
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Im interested in having a314 analyzed to find out what the content is and the percentage breakdown of its chemical contents.

Would that be possible, do you think?

Thanks for your time!
Theoretically would it be possible

first you need to have data on each molecule ( one thing thats nearly impossible )
i mean each molecule that could act like a pheromone
second you wont know what works out of this range and what is simply an useless additive
third you would need each molecule in crystal form


you need a chemist which is very very skilled with all the aparats you'd need to figure it out


a laborotory that has all the equipment


MONEY to pay all

Forgive my ignorance on the subject (and I really appreciate your guidance) -but isn't the chemical analysis meant to uncover what molecules are used in the mix? Then why do I need to know the molecules beforehand?
Well, you need reference molecules to compare with the molecules you want to analyze...
A company called Chemir does this, but it's expensive, as someone else indicated.

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